Raversonly is recruiting

Written by Joey Starkiss on .

" Justin Vandergriff was very helpful at the last event we threw with goodvibes promo in Baltimore.. so helpful in-fact im bringing him out to help me with Go berserk! Hes been helping me keep organized and stay on point setting up google doc sheets ect.. everyone welcome justin too the Raversonly team!!! grin emoticon

I added Nicole Dyetrek to the team !! 
her passion for hardcore is inspiring and refreshing 
I cant wait to hear your ideas and have you help with promo and plans welcome to the crew!

Also ...

Esro Illfingers is a dank graffiti artist .. he helped make banners for lets get it crackin and has been going with me and with out me to cover every party in the area with flyers for our upcoming event Go berserk! he also is the one who got me into DNB when i was only 10 and then took me to my first happy hardcore party when i was 16.. hes basically one of my closets friends and he helps me get any job i need done.. if i have to DJ or promo in Rhode Island and there is another party we need to promo in another state.. he will go do it for me no questions asked everytime.. i honestly couldnt pull have the stuff i pull off with out him.. welcome to the crew officially "
-- STARKISS @ Raversonly -  

New talent and crew memebers will be coming soon... Wink Teamwork is key!  Raversonly is recruiting

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