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After many, many requests and much anticipation, I am finally throwing another Ravers Only party. This time around though, we are taking on the big apple, New York City!!!! And this time around I am not just throwing a party, I am looking to start a revolution!! And with what do we lead this revolution??? HAPPY FUCKING HARDCORE! If you have been to a Ravers Only party, then you already know that I am big into the happy shit and tried to squeeze in as much as I could! And if you have been to a Ravers Only party, then you know I know how to throw a party! But if I am being honest, I know that I am facing an up hill battle trying to bring an ALL Happy Hardcore lineup to NYC. I know that not one single production company has ever thrown a Happy Hardcore or candi party in NYC. But I also know that at most, all I can lose here is money. And if you know me, then you know I am not about the money. You know the rave scene is where my heart is. And you know I love to party. This will not be my only party of the year, this is just the beggining of the revolution. In fact, I am already laying out deposits and getting shit lined up for my July 13th party, fliers of which will be at this party. I will be following my July 13th party with my last party of the year in late October. If all goes well, I will be bringing you the Candyball for as long as you guys will show up. Anywaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy, I have brought in 4 international headliners for tonight, severall of the areas leading Happy Hardcore DJs, 3 MC's known worldwide, and filled my second room with the rest of the Ravers Only sponsored DJs. All of whom I am sure you know well!! So if you want to be a part of history. If you want to be a part of the revolution. If you want to come out and share in some memories that will last a lifetime, then grab your friends, bring your dancing shoes and be prepared to dance from the minute you walk in until the minute the lights go on, as I have spent a little more than I should have and will be closing this party in the true UK style, with a fucking international headliner! woop woop

Friday April 20th, 2007

Ravers Only is proud to present.... Candyball: Now Is The Time

Hosts for the night:

MC Jumper (Ravers Only ~ New York)
As a member of Ravers Only & the Ruffneck Playaz Crew (www.RuffneckPlayazCrew.com), Jumper has been MC'ing parties, all around the world, for years! And while he can still be heard over and over again, the intro track on "Happy 2b Hardcore: Chapter 7" yup that's him!!, he is still the only American MC ever to have a residency at the infamous Hullaballoo parties thrown by Anabolic Frolic up in Toronto. Bring your horns, bring your whistles, and most importantly, bring money for your energy drinks as MC Jumper is going to keep you pumped all night long!!

MC High IQ (Ravers Only ~ Pennsylvania)
Known mostly for his work with Pitched Up Recordings, and his performances up in the Toronto area, MC High IQ is only the second MC to make it on the Ravers Only roster. He will be in attendance all night long with MC Jumper to keep the party pumping and the dance floor shaking!!!

Area One: All Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore ALL NIGHT

Silver (HappyHardcore.com ~ Tokyo)
With years of experience behind the decks and countless appereances around the globe, Silver's love and dedication to his music and our scene is simply unstoppable. As the owner of the #1 rated Happy Hardcore website, for the second year in a row at the second annual Hardcore Heaven Awards, I thought it only right that Silver be included in New York City's first Happy Hardcore party!

Bluecore (HappyHardcore.com ~ Sweden)
Known for his weekly shows on happyhardcore.com & di.fm, over the last few years, Blucore has become one of the world's most popular web DJs. Praised for his fast, energetic mixes, that will tear up any dancefloor, Blucore is coming all the way from Sweden, for his FIRST US APPEAREANCE, to close the show with some banging beats!

Venom (Volume Productions ~ Rhode Island)
YES, I said VENOM! And while he has spent the better part of a decade producing some of the best fucking house cds you will ever hear, tonight he is going old skool! For those of you who never got the chance to see Venom spin old skool Happy Hardcore, trust me when I say you won't want to miss this set! I mean really, do I have to say anything more than Venom + Happy Hardcore + New York City?? OK, how about mainstage?

Tranzit w/ MC Everybodies Daddy (Future Perfect Synergy ~ Toronto)
Well known in the Toronto scene, Tranzit made his name years ago by blending the biggest, freshest upfront tunes with huge, hard to find anthems from the past. His extensive record collection covers a number of genres, which allows him to throw things into his sets that you would never expect. Always smooth, always fresh, expect pure energy business when Tranzit hits the decks.

The cunning linguist Mack Daddy MC, Everybodies Daddy has been on the case since 1999. Arguably the number one Happy Hardcore MC active in the North American scene, his infectious energy and stage presence alone keep him at the pinnacle. He's got an arsenal of slick, meaningful rhymes, backed by quick freestyles that'll make you rave your faces off. Throw your panties on the stage if you're ready for the roughness!

Candy Kid B2B Dupont (Ravers Only ~ New York/Connecticut)
Ravers Only's oldest sponsored Happy Hardcore DJ, Candy kid, taking on it's newest sponsored Happy Hardcore DJ, Dupont?? WHAT?? Mainstage WHAT??? Yes, it is true!!! Candy Kid and Dupont will battle heads up for their first time at this history making event. History making history! If the 4 headliners above are not enough for you to come out, this set just may tip the scales for you.

George (Who Spins Records) (Nocturnal Commissions ~ Toronto)
As a DJ, George has been tearing shit up and making people dance with his highly energetic sets and his fun loving enthusiasm behind the decks. But as one half of the Nocturnal Commissions crew, he has been throwing some of best parties in Toronto for a couple of years now. I can already see him singing behind the decks, so be prepared to sing along!!!

Genki (Ravers Only ~ Virginia)
Our first resident spot of the night is filled by the man from Neverland! Making his first NYC appearence and his first appearence at a Ravers Only party, be prepared as Genki plans to take you on a journey only he can!

Pkat (Plurtrain ~ Connecticut)
The hard-driven pulse delivered from a pounding kick drum and solid bass line fuels Pkat�s fervor for music. Known for playing UK Hardcore and many forms of Hard Dance, the kat has a knack for laying it down proper.

Smilzperhour (Just4you ~ New York)
Relatively unknown, at a personal audition at my house, Brian aka Smilzperhour showed me exactly why he deserved the last spot on NYC's first Happy Hardcore lineup.

Area 2: Ravers Only Sponsored DJs

Liquid Sugar B2B Bizzo (Ravers Only ~ New York/ New Jersey)
Spinning at a weekly in NYC, Sugar is known for playing some of the funkiest Booty House sets around. At my last party, Independance Night, Bizzo tore it up against Delerium in an epic hardcore battle. This time around, I have Bizzo and Sugar ready to take you on a Booty House ride that is guaranteed to blow your mind!!!

Endo (Ravers Only ~ Massachusetts)
Endo has been destroying dancefloors all over the US for the past 7 years with his signature style of hardcore nu skool breaks. His passion for DJing and music has led him to invent his own style of harmonic mixing. On top of Being a world class breaks DJ, Endo is also running the Breaks scene in Vermont with Blessed Breaks. Come bang your heads to some proper late night Breaks Endo style!

Proxxy B2B Lantern (Ravers Only ~ Maryland)
No matter what party you go to in DC, you are sure to find Proxxy and/or Lantern tearing it up. Making a tag name for themselves as Proxx-a-Lantern, Proxxy and Lantern are making the trip New York City to blow your mind and get you dancing with their Drum-N-Breaks!!
Rick Remixx (Ravers Only ~ Arizona)
As one of my original sponsored DJs, Rick and I go way the fuck back. Many moons have passed though since I used to throw house parties and after parties, back in Las Vegas, where Rick would come and spin non-stop for hours on end. Show some love for a friend of mine who has been with me since before there was a Ravers Only!!

How Hard B2B Tom Sawyer (Ravers Only ~ New York/Connecticut)
As I am sure most of you know, one of NYC's hottest young Hardcore DJs is How Hard who has been spinning and throwing parties in NYC for years now. What you might not know is how well he and Tom work together. I emplore you, come peep this nasty set of Hardcore vs Hard House!

Soren (Ravers Only ~ New Jersey)
While I still think Soren should have won the first "Star Search", back in the day at the Asylum, some people say that is only because he is one of my best friends. But no one can deny his room was bouncing from the minute he went on until the minute he finished. Tonight, I invite you to come see why Soren was put through to the final round and why so many people love DJ SOOOOOOOOOOOREEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dali B2B Subterranean (Ravers Only ~ New York/New Jersey)
As the man behind Groove Therapy, Dali has been making a name for himself with his parties and performances. Meanwhile, back in the lab, as the man behind Under Suspicion, Subterranean has been working on new productions. As two of my best friends, they promise this set will be a showstopper!!

Woog (Ravers Only ~ New York)
While many of you may not recognize the name, I am sure you will know my boy Woog as soon as you see him. As a part of Ravers Only, Woog has taken pictures for the website, helped with the message boards, and kept me from going completely crazy at many parties. Tonight Woog is here to make you dance while he pounds out the beats!!

Hours: 10pm-6am
Price: $15 on the guestlist // $20 not on the guestlist
Ages: 18 to party // 21 to drink
Venue: Exit Club & Lounge (www.club-exit.com)
149 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

To get on the guestlist, you MUST be a regular on the Ravers Only message boards!!!

If you didn't make it to the last Ravers Only party, "Independance Night" held back on 2003, we missed capacity by only 25 people. With this new venue, our capacity has increased by 200 head to 700. I would however still try and get there as early as possible!! Just make sure to bring enough energy to last all night as we are closing the show one of our 4 international headliners!

The Great Candi Giveaway!!
For all you die hard candi kids out there, you won't want to miss this!! I have decided not to set up the bead pit at the party. Instead, I am going to give a shitload of them away. While I am not giving all of my candi away at our first party, I am giving away one FULL tub of them. I have no idea how many there are in the tub, and I know it is not wise to be redundant, but there is definately a shitload in the tub! All separated by type and color! So wear your best candi outfit and good luck!! Oh yes, the giveaway is 99% free. While you will have to pay to get in the party, the raffle tickets are going to be given away free and the winner will be announced right before the closing set of the night!!!!

Free glowsticks, candi, whistles, fresh fruit and much more all night long!!

Both rooms of sound will be filled with lazers provided by APB Lighting!!!

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