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Candy "Costume" Ball - Treatz & Beatz III
  Club Exit


If you have not been to one of our Candy "Costume" Balls, and you are tired of the small taste you get from looking at all of the pictures from the first two Candy "Costume" Balls, now is your chance to experience for yourself what all the hype is about. After Treatz & Beatz was our first Candyball to sell out, we came back stronger than ever last year with Treatz & Beatz II and once again, we sold out. So here we are for our third annual Halloween costume party, and once again we are stepping up our game one more time. With another amazing lineup, new decoration plans that will blow your mind once again, and our always present desire to out-do our last party, this is sure to be another CB for the history books! Please make sure to get your pre-sales early as I am sure this party will hit capacity for our third straight year!

Hours: 9pm-5am
Price: $27 pre-sales // $35 at the door
Ages: 18 to enter // 21 to drink
Venue: Exit Club & Lounge
149 Greenpoint Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11222


FREE Glowsticks, Whistles, CD's, Candy, and Fresh Fruit all night long!!!

PLUR in full effect all night

Live Painting all night by Hope169

Lasers for the night provided by APB Lighting

Additional sound reinforcement provided by Supreme Sound

Visuals for the night provided by VJ Tachyon of Ravers Only and vjtachyon.com

Sets from the night recorded by Underground Techno

Video from the night for the DVD by SiMoNeLesS Productions


Host MC's for the night:

MC Jumper (Ravers Only, Hullabaloo, Ruffneck Playaz Crew)
MC High IQ (Ravers Only, Headcase, Pitched Up)
MC Everybodies Daddy (Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only, Realism Records)

Area 1: All Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore all night

Robbie Long (UK) *** 1st NYC/Candyball Appearance ***
(Thin 'N' Crispy Recordings ~ tncrecordings.com)
Robbie Long is considered by those in the know as a DJ's DJ! With an immense natural talent on the decks and phenomenal ability to put records together, Robbie creates something special and quite unique each and every time he plays. Combine this with his relentless enthusiasm and dedication to the music / scene he loves and it is easy to see why Robbie is one of Hardcore's main players, both in the UK and on the international stage.

Inspired by his early love of Hip-hop and Electro, Robbie Long started DJing when he was just 14 years old. A couple of years later he began playing Hardcore in the raves before he was legally old enough to get into them. 17 years on and Robbie is at the top of his game. His world renowned label Thin 'N' Crispy Recordings (TNC) has clocked up over 50 quality vinyl releases and his DJ diary is busier than ever.

When Robbie started TNC in 2001, Hardcore was going through a rough time with many artists knocking out sub standard productions and rave attendances hitting an all time low. Robbie Long NEVER lost his Hardcore, helping to reignite the scene with the seminal TNC001 'PSA' (Hardcore Will Never Die) co written with Devastate. Since then he has cultivated a tight knit crew of artists who have collectively invented TNC's unique sound.

Now in a scene dominated by trance / pop influenced vocal anthems, Robbie Long's TNC imprint remains true to the original rave style and retains some of the tougher and more intelligent elements of the music, while still smashing dance floors into oblivion. Today Robbie hits the studio week in week out working on remixes and original material, as well as helping to bring on the next wave of artists and producers, offering them a platform to shine. In the U.K he spins up and down the country every weekend and internationally he regularly visits Europe, America, Canada and Australia making him a globally celebrated force in the world of underground dance music. With a reputation like this, it is an honor for RO to present to you, the styling of DJ Robbie Long!

Cruze (UK) *** 2nd Candyball Appearance ***
(Trackmaster Music, Thin 'N' Crispy Recordings ~ DJCruze.com)
Making his second Candyball appearance, his first one being Candyball 2, DJ Cruze is back and ready to bring to you that unparalleled UK sound that only he can deliver! Cruze has been involved with the Hardcore scene for over 15 years and has played regularly all over the UK, America, Spain, and Hungary. And it all started after hearing a Carl Cox tape back in 1992. Once Cruze heard that, he knew he had a calling. A year later, he had his first real DJ experience. He continued to DJ for the next decade, perfecting his mixing skills.

In 2004, Cruze saw his biggest booking to date at Uproar. This caught the attention of promoters worldwide, which led to bookings from the likes of HTID, Hardcore Heaven, and Fusion. This success cemented Cruze's name, earning him FOUR nominations, including Best Breakthrough DJ of 2009, at the prestigious Hardcore Heaven Awards. Originally, Cruze's reputation was built on the basis of his DJ'ing abilities, before ever going into the studio, which is something to be very proud of. However, after meeting DJ Breaks in 2006, they began producing and caught the attention of Robbie Long who immediately signed them to "Thin 'N' Crispy Recordings". Now back here in New York City for a second time, Ravers Only is bringing you the proud owner of his own record company, Trackmaster Music!

Breaks (UK) *** 1st US/Candyball Appearance ***
(Trackmaster Music, Thin 'N' Crispy Recordings ~ DJBreaks.co.uk)
DJ Breaks first came onto the Hardcore scene in 1997, after producing a track entitled "Generations", which was released on DJ Breeze's highly successful "Infinity Recordings". Shortly after this, he appeared on the label "This Is Noize", on the flip of Breeze and Micky Skeedales "Tsingtao", with a track entitled "Young Guns". Once the success of these unique tunes took hold, DJ Breaks started playing at various clubs and raves around the Midlands. He was playing alongside some of the top Hardcore players at the time. However, in 2000, DJ Breaks made the decision to take some time out from producing to concentrate on raising a family.

After a 5 year hiatus, Breaks returned to the scene in 2006 with a smashing release on Euphony's "Definitive Dance" label. Since then, he has been signed to Robbie Long's infamous "Thin 'N' Crispy Recordings", as well as starting "Trackmaster Music" with partner-in-crime DJ Cruze. All the while breaks has been rocking the studio and the dance floor non-stop with his unprecedented skills and showmanship. You can expect nothing less than a flawless delivery from DJ Breaks, and that is why we here at Ravers Only are absolutely psyched to bring to him over to the U.S. for the first time ever!

Darren Grant (UK) *** 1st US/Candyball Appearance ***
(Maximum Impact Records, Lethal Theory Raw, FBI Records ~ DJDarrenGrant.com)
Darren first fell in love with dance music at a very young age when he came across an "acid house" tape his older brother had. From that moment on, Darren was on the lookout for as much repetitive beat music as he could get his hands on. As Darren got older, he started going to under 18 events to hear that same sound played on huge speakers. In the mid 90's, he got his first set of decks and there was no stopping him. Spending every spare minute mixing, it was around this time he hooked up with a friend by the name of Joe (Joey Riot) and came together on a vision for Hardcore music.

This led to the beginning of the duo known as TLM. When TLM started producing, it brought them to the attention of some of the biggest promoters. They started playing at events that packed in over 2000+ people, which is still one of Darren's proudest achievements to date. Darren has played at acclaimed events like Rezerection, Fusion, Raverbaby Experience, Crave, THC and Addiction. So far, Darren has four vinyl releases under his belt with more on the horizon, and for the first time in Darren's career he'll be stepping on U.S. soil to showcase his remarkable talent!

Delirium (NJ) *** 2nd Candyball Appearance ***
(Traxtorm ~ Italy, M.O.H. ~ Holland ~ DJDelirium.com)
Dating back to the early 90’s, there is no doubt that DJ Delirium has been on the forefront of the Hardcore scene for the past 17 years. As a producer, Delirium has proven himself time and time again. Releasing top quality productions, one after another, some of Deliriums tracks have been featured on the world’s most legendary Hardcore compilations, including Thunderdome and Always Hardcore! With over 70 slamming releases to his name, Delirium has worked alongside the most recognized names in the Hardcore scene. We are talking ID&T, Industrial Strength, Masters of Hardcore, and Traxtorm, just to name a few.

As a DJ, his technical skills manipulating the turntables can only be matched by his ability to control the dance floor. Recognized worldwide for his seamless mixes, legendary scratching, and unsurpassed stage presence, Delirium has made countless appearances at some of the world’s largest events. Whether spinning in front of an intimate crowd of 500 or destroying a dance floor filled with 30,000+ ravers, Delirium takes you on a musical journey like none other! With performances in Holland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, England, Hungary, and everywhere in between, DJ Delirium remains one of the most sought after Hardcore DJs in the scene today. For the second time in Candyball HISTORY, the Master of Hardcore, Mr. Moshpit himself, DJ Delirium will step behind the decks at a New York City event prepared to spin a special HAPPY Hardcore set for the Candyball massive!

Entropy (NH) *** Special 90's Happy Hardcore Set ***
(bhpc, Cheesestep Records ~ djentropy.com)
A staple for a long time in the Northeast rave scene, DJ Entropy has come to Candyball to show just what made him such a well-recognized fixture back in the day. Born and raised in Portsmouth, NH, Entropy moved to Boston for school, after finishing up high school. He was there for a total of nine years, five of which included DJ'ing full time in the club and rave scene. Playing at such beloved venues like the Muni and Asylum, DJ Entropy had built a significant fan base in the northeast.

However, in 2005, Entropy had had enough of living in Boston and felt it would be in his best interest to take a break from DJing. He moved back to New Hampshire, became a daddy, and took time for himself. However, this DJ still had an affinity for getting behind the turntables and producing tracks, and found himself occasionally spinning for old time's sake, and still having a blast when he did. When approached with the offer to come out of retirement and play at Candyball 8, Entropy was happy to oblige. Bringing to you a very special 90's Happy Hardcore set, DJ Entropy is ready to drop some classic tracks and get the dance floor moving one more time!

Tranzit B2B Dupont (Toronto/CT) *** 1st time tag set ***
(Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only ~ deejay-mixes.com)
(Floorburnerz, Ravers Only, Beat Drop Music, Mad Panic Records ~ myspace.com/djdupont)
One of our favorite Candyball residents, and Toronto native, Tranzit is back and ready to bring the dance floor to its knees. Since 1999, Tranzit has been an essential part of the Toronto Happy Hardcore scene, with his blend of cheese-filled Happy Hardcore, Classic Euro, and Hard Dance that has cut a new groove for underground electronic music. Now in 2009, holding residencies with Future Perfect Synergy and Ravers Only, Tranzit has settled into a groove and is taking on crowds at some of the biggest UK Hardcore events North America has ever offered.

With ten years of experience under his belt, Tranzit has built quite the following all over North America and the love and admiration he has for music is evident in every set he drops. His wide track selection is undeniable proof of that fact. Whether we are talking about his infamous studio recording "Milfcore", or any of his Candyball appearances, Tranzit never plays it safe while picking his next track. His desire to cross the line and trample your audio senses is what makes him so memorable. At this Candyball, we're putting him behind the decks with another Ravers Only sponsored DJ, DJ Dupont, to show you how some of Ravers Only's finest DJs get down!

Dupont on the other hand, got his start eleven years ago on his current journey that has taken him to more places than he can remember, and has introduced him to all walks of life. This 27 year old, with his crazy addiction to the bass lines and trance riffs, made a decision 8 years ago that would totally change his life and the way he would effect the world and the people around him. It was something he always dreamed of and as chance to give back to the community he thought of as family, Dupont started spinning records.

Naturally, this DJ was inclined to play what he loved, and that was the sounds of UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore. Some people knocked it, but that did not matter to him. It was not too long after he started spinning that Dupont started producing his own tracks with the support of friends, especially his good friend Mike Bounce. Dupont was finally able to take his music to the next level and bring to the ravers a fresh new sound that he had created himself! At this Candyball we're teaming him up with his fellow RO DJ to bring to you a special tag team set that's sure to be one you won't soon forget!

mark5 (MA) *** 1st NYC/Candyball Appearance ***
(Hard Hitters, Krafty Radio ~ mark5.us)
Hailing from Marlborough Massachusetts, mark5 is the founder of the Hard Hitters crew. This 28 year old DJ is a Hardcore aficionado with a specific taste. His main love is the Hardcore that is post-classic to pre-freeform. Something along the lines of Happy2bHardcore, chapters 1-4. Some of his favorite stuff is pre-freeform, like the early releases from Next Generation. Citing DJs like Kutski, Spree, Doboy, Venom, and Scorch, mark5 knows just what he likes, and how to deliver that sound to the crowd.

Last year, he decided to form his own crew, The Hard Hitters, and started throwing monthly Hardcore events in Massachusetts. And October 4, 2008, complete with fireworks and everything, the Hard Hitters crew officially launched their first party. It's been a year, and thanks to his dedication, and the help of DJ Blu and DJ Tre, the Hard Hitters crew has proved to be a Northeast Hardcore force to be reckoned with. Booking talent like Jen Mas, Ixnay, PKat, and Nevamore, mark5 is honing his skills not only as DJ, but as a promoter as well. We here at Ravers Only can't wait to put him behind the decks for his first Candyball performance!

Area 2: All Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore all night

S3rl (AU) *** A Very Special Intimate Set ***
(Nu Energy, Executive Records, BeatDropMusic ~ myspace.com/S3RL)
If there were one Happy Hardcore DJ who needs no introduction to the Candyball crowd, that would have to be DJ S3RL. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, S3rl is at the top of his game right now. While he has been writing and producing his own tracks since 2000, he has been a part of the Australian rave scene since way before that, as a raver who tore it up on the dance floors every weekend. S3RL scored his big first break in 2005, when Kevin Energy and Sharkey came down under and S3RL handed them one of his demos. Weeks later Kevin Energy got back to him with a contract for NuEnergy Collective (NEC) to release his track "Transformers" on to vinyl.

Since then he has firmly secured his place in DJ Haze's label "Executive Records" in Sydney, Australia as well as the NEC, and has had a steady flow of releases on both labels. S3rl has been featured on both "Bonkers" and "Masif Hardcore", all the while displaying his talents to a worldwide audience. Furthermore, once "Pretty Rave Girl" and the follow up track "Little Kandi Raver" were released, S3RL shot straight to the top of the UK Hardcore charts. Now S3rl is making his way back to New York City to drop a very special, and certainly intimate, set for the Candyball massive!

D-Lyte (UK) *** 1st NYC/CB Appearance ***
(Thin 'N' Crispy Recordings ~ myspace.com/djdlyte)
All the way from the UK, D-Lyte is coming over to New York City to show Candyball just what he can do! D-Lyte has been DJ'ing in one form or another since 1997, when he bought his first pair of decks in order to pursue the dream of being a hip hop DJ. After a chance encounter with a DJ Sy tape, D-Lyte was hooked on that uplifting, transcending, Happy Hardcore sound and decided to chase a new dream as Hardcore DJ. Over the years, he played at many of the Southcoast England raves.

D-Lyte produced his first track with DJ Devastate when he was only 18. Along the way, he has made tracks with the likes of Jedi and Stormtrooper, even starting their own label called "JSD Recordings". While D-Lyte has continued his production partnership with Stormtrooper, as well as working with artists such as Orbit-1 and Jakazid, he is also one of the resident artists for Robbie Long's mighty "Thin-N-Crispy" label. To date, D-Lyte has had seven tracks featured on five major compilation albums and numerous releases on TNC. With an illustrious history like this, we have no doubt he is going to rock this NYC crowd like it has never been rocked before! This Treatz & Beatz, Ravers Only is proud to bring you the highly recommended DJ they call D-Lyte!

Gobz Tha Zombie (Toronto) *** 1st Candyball Appearance ***
In late August of 1998, when Gobstoppa was just 18, he began his renowned career as DJ and MC in the Hardcore rave scene out in Toronto, Canada. Moreover, while the first time be got behind the turntables was at age 12, Gobstoppa considered 1998 to be his first year as a DJ because that was the first time he started getting gigs at various clubs and venues. The whole MCing thing, well that happened by accident, but in early 1999, it really took off. For that is when Gobstoppa started performing all over and building up a significant fan base.

Unfortunately, in late October of 2006, Gobstoppa died a horrible and tragic death. Yet somehow, his love of partying and DJing pulled him through, and he has been able to rock dance floors and drop the hottest tracks even in the afterlife as Gobz Tha Zombie. Now in his 11th year as a DJ, Gobz is ready to show you what makes this veteran stand out from the crowd, besides his unique and strange appearance of course. Be prepared for a performance unlike anything you have ever seen. For the first time in Candyball history, we are bringing you Toronto's very own Gobz Tha Zombie!

Candy Kid (NY) *** Candyball Resident ***
(Vitus, Ravers Only ~ djcandykid.com)
Perhaps Ravers Only's most beloved and notable DJs, Candy Kid will be making his way onto the decks this Candyball as one of my favorite Candyball residents. Hailing from Belarus, Slava has been tearing up the East Coast with his unique style and adrenaline packed sets of Happy Hardcore, and various other EDM genres, since 2001. He was first introduced to electronic music back in '93 and was introduced to DJing through his uncle. When Candy Kid saw the enormous impact and positive effect DJing could have on a crowd, he knew it was his calling. After saving up enough money, DJ Candy Kid bought the necessary equipment and records once he moved to New York.

Here in the present day, Candy Kid has spent the past 9 years making quite a name for himself all over the U.S. Whether he is rocking the crowd in Ohio, Baltimore, Philly, Canada, or his home in NYC, Slava has been known for throwing down with the best of them. Quoted as saying, "Music makes people happy, and seeing people smiling and dancing is the biggest reward", that fact is no more evident than when you are watching him interact with the crowd. Bring your whistles and blow your horns as New York City's favorite Happy Hardcore DJ takes the decks for another great Candyball set!

Sqeak (CA) *** 2nd Candyball Appearance ***
(AMS Entertainment, Beatdrop Music, Ravers Only ~ myspace.com/sqeakthedj)
Making his second Candyball appearance, DJ Sqeak is ready to bring his unique West Coast style back to New York City for another go. His first Candyball appearance was at last year's Treatz & Beatz 2 where he spun a b2b set with Tranzit. Now, we are giving Sqeak his own hour to drop one of the baddest, hardest sets you have heard! Sqeak has been an avid and passionate music lover since a very young age. In addition, while he grew up, so did his perspective on music. Digging deeper into the underground sounds, Sqeak discovered electronic music and more specifically, Happy Hardcore.

Inspired by the sounds, Sqeak started DJing at the tender age of 14 and not too long after promoters, out in the LA scene, were booking him to perform for their crowds. His unique quick-mix style and nonstop kick pounding, combined with his melody ripping track selection, has kept the West Coast dance floors burning and the ravers screaming for years now. With upcoming shows in Los Angeles, San Bernadino, and Baltimore, we could not be more thrilled to have our only West Coast DJ returning to New York for his second time around. Come prepared as this Californian is going to show New York just how they tear it up on the other side of the country!

T-K-V (TX) *** 1st NYC/Candyball Appearance ***
(Ruff Biznizz ~ Ruff-Biznizz.com)
T-K-V, formerly known as Tha Kid Vicious, has been involved in the Happy Hardcore rave scene since the late 90's. After hearing Vinylgroover's work during that time, it became clear to T-K-V that he needed to join the rave movement and bring the wonderful Happy Hardcore sound to people all over. Starting out at the young age of 15, T-K-V has been a driving force behind the Hardcore Dance scene in the Southwest U.S. for a decade and is currently the longest-running UK Hardcore artist in Texas.

From the beggining, T-K-V has been honing and sharpening his talent as a DJ. Citing people like Sharkey, Hixxy, and Paul Elstak as vital influences, its clear T-K-V knows his Hardcore and knows it well. Claiming, "Music is my life. I eat, sleep, and breathe Hardcore 24/7", there is no doubt he is planning to deliver his best for our Candyball crowd. Flying in all the way from Dallas, Texas, we at Ravers Only are proud to bring you his sound for the first time in New York City history.

Squiggles (MN) *** 1st NYC/Candyball Appearance ***
(Kids of the Core, DC Productions ~ djsquiggles.com)
Hailing all the way from St. Paul, Minnesota, is the well-known and well-loved DJ Squiggles. With his unique and signature brand of cheesy Hardcore, Squiggles has made quite the name for himself all across the United States. His track selection always has the crowd dancing, singing, and craving more. Most recently, he has been out in Ohio and Rochester, rocking the crowds out there and delivering solid performances each time. Unfortunately for the Hardcore scene, on August 5, 2009, Squiggles announced via his blog that he would be calling it quits after this year was up.

According to him, after much self analysis, he came to the conclusion that it would be in his best personal interest to go into retirement. Dubbing the last half of this year his farewell tour, the current last stop on it is Candyball 8 in New York City. Moreover, while we will all be incredibly sad to see Squiggles go, we cannot help but think of it as bittersweet, that this will be his first New York City show and his last one. So please make sure to get those whistles blowing and get those feet moving, because DJ Squiggles is going to leave one lasting impression that you will never forget!

Da Lollipop Kids (OH) *** 1st NYC/Candyball Appearance ***
aka Nobody b2b Beatz4Brainz
(Ohio Hardcore, Good Vibes Promotions, Electronic Paradise ~ dalollipopkids.com)
Since joining forces to create “Da Lollipop Kids”, back in 2007, Todd Hubbard (aka DJ Nobody) and Chad Sobers (aka Beatz4Brainz) have been ripping up dance floors all over North America. From Ohio to Pittsburgh, Philly to Baltimore, and everywhere in between, Da Lollipop Kids have been dazzling crowds while quickly becoming a household name in the UK Hardcore scene here in America. Furthermore, known for their track selection and sing-along sets, Da Lollipop Kids are currently ranked #2 on deejay-mixes.com with over 4200 downloads!

As the founders of The Ohio Hardcore Crew, Todd and Chad have become much more than just DJs to the Ohio scene. Throwing their new monthly, Hardcore Monday, Da Lollipop Kids have revived the Ohio scene that was almost gone. With both, Chad and Todd, being only 25 years old, the future is looking bright for them. Making friends and fans from California to New York, and all points in between, Da Lollipop Kids are quickly becoming fan favorites every where they perform. Moreover, after performances in 8 states and counting, we at Ravers Only are proud to be the first to bring Da Lollipop Kids to the big apple for their first Candyball appearance!

Keither (RI) *** 1st NYC/Candyball Appearance ***
(Tight Crew ~ tightcrew.net)
Keither has only been rocking the decks for a few years now, but don't let that fool you. He has started building a strong, growing following within the East coast UK Hardcore community and he has no plans on stopping there! In fact, he has been hard at work establishing himself as more than just one of the most energetic, vibrant, Happy Hardcore DJ's in the Northeast, and his dedication is paying off. Known for his late night sets, Keither keeps the crowd wanting more while the dance floor remains packed til the last record spins.

In addition to DJing, Keither is also the co-founder of the Rhode Island based Tight Crew. Making waves all over the East coast, over the past few years the Tight Crew has been doing big things in the New England rave scene. With parties like "Mario Party" and "Black Light Rukkus", Keither is making a name for himself not only as a worthy DJ, but also as a worthy promoter with a bright future. While this will only be his first time spinning in New York City and at a Candyball, we at Ravers Only know you will welcome him with open arms and show him what all the hype down here is all about!

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