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Candyball: Raved & Confuzed
  NYC Arena


Ravers Only & The Positivians Proudly Present

Candyball 10: Raved & Confuzed

Saturday September 29, 2012

Hosts for the night: MC Caspa, MC Jumper, MC High IQ, MC Everybodies Daddy, and special guest host MC Skatty

Main Room: HHC/UK Hardcore All Night

(HTID, Raver Baby)
If there is one name in the world of UK Hardcore music that needs no introduction what so ever, that name is undeniably be Hixxy! The fact of the matter is, if you love Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore, there is a 99% probability that Hixxy wrote one of your favorite songs. Hell, to be fair, he has probably written three or four of your "all time" favorite songs. Known almost as much for his legendary HTID parties, and his week long annual gathering in spain: HTID In The Sun, Hixxy is the reason most of us love Happy Hardcore today, I know he is the reason I do.

We sold 626 pre-sale tickets in 26 states, more than half the country, when we brought Hixxy to NYC for his very first time in the big apple. With a cash line until 3am, and over 1100 squeezing in and through Exit, it was just wow. Hixxy has made it to the big apple once since then, Spinning the Ravers Only 10 Year Anniversary Party. No pre-sale ticket numbers on that one, however we were over capacity once again, ALL night long, and had to send some hearts home broken.

As Hixxy makes his 3rd New York City appearance, we welcome him back to a much larger venue, a much larger stage, and hopefully a much larger crowd. Boasting a legal occupancy of 1950, I can already imagine what 2000 glow sticks will look like when Hixxy drops "See the light"! If you missed his 1st NYC appearance, and/or his 2nd, here is your chance to be a part of history once again as we bring out the biggest producer in UK Hardcore history, D....... J........ Hiiiiixxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Alex Prospect
(Lethal Theory)
Making serious waves in the world of UK Hardcore music, Alex Prospect is one of the hottest young producers in the scene right now. Signed to Lethal Theory Records, the winner of the Best Hardcore Label 3 years running at the Hardcore Heaven awards, the tracks he has released in the last year or two are just the beginning for this rising star. In fact, his recently released track "Lose Yourself", co-written with Darren Styles and Becci Harvey, is currently sitting in the number 1 spot on the TrackItDown Hardcore Charts.

Listening to his tracks, it's not hard to see why he is drawing so much attention and respect from all of the biggest producers and DJs in the business. At the same time, show after show, ravers from all around the world have been falling in love with his style, stage presence, mixing, and raw ability to read a crowd, know exactly what they want, and give it to them all at the same time. Performing for sold out crowds night after night, the name Alex Prospect is rapidly becoming a household name in the world of UK Hardcore Music, and as I just explained, for more then one reason.

Whether you are talking about a top notch producer on the cutting edge, or an amazing DJ who gets so into his sets that you can feel the enjoyment he gets when he spins, you are talking about Alex Prospect. Making the long trip over the pond for his FIRST EVER New York City appearance, Alex Prospect will get you singing along to his tracks before he blows your mind, all the while exceeding every single one of your expectations! Come rested, come prepared, come ready to "Lose Yourself" to the sounds of Alex Prospect!!

No Left Turn
(K12 Studios, Harder Faster Louder)
One of California's favorite Happy Hardcore Headliners, No Left Turn made his first New York City appearance, and first Candyball appearance, back in 2007 at the first Treatz & Beatz. Our first sold out Candyball, NLT had a packed dance floor for his late morning set and blew the roof off of club Exit. Filled with a passion and energy level, unlike any other, NLT dropped monster track after monster track and had the New York City crowd begging for more!

Making his return to New York City for CB 5: We The Ravers, NLT did not come alone. Performing with Reese, another California native known for rocking the party right, the duo were welcomed with open arms and stomping feet. Dropping a lot of their own productions helped make their set one of my favorites from that night, and reminded me why I like booking producers more than DJs.There is just something about watching a DJ drop his own track and the smile on his face when the crowd reacts accordingly.

Making his third Candyball appearance at Raved and Confuzed, No Left Turn is more than just a Candyball favorite, he is one of my personal favorites as well. Furthermore, whether he is dropping his own tracks or not, his track selection, mixing, and stage presence is sure to put a smile on your face and a wiggle in your waist. As the producer of some of my favorite tracks, and the DJ of one of my favorite CB sets, I am happy to have No Left Turn on the lineup once again and invite you to see why I think California is lucky to have him as a local!

Candykid b2b Starkiss
(Galaxy Express Recordings, Ravers Only, Vitus)(Ravers Only)
As Ravers Onlys' first sponsored DJ spinning Happy Hardcore, Candykid has been a part of the crew for over a decade now. I can remember the day I met him like it was yesterday. Walking around a day rave at Battery Park in 2000, my 3 year old daughter Kayla and I were passing out flyers that said "support your local rave scene" on one side , while on the other side it simply said "www.RaversOnly.com". Who can resist a flyer from a 3 year old? Naaaaw nobody can. Slava and I have been friends ever since, raved several countries together without the required docs for *cough him cough * to get back into America. lmao

As the most recent DJ added to the Ravers Only roster, Starkiss has only been with the crew for a couple of years. Calling Philly his home, Starkiss has performed up and down the east coast, paying his dues, putting the hours in, and creating a fan base that still grows with every performance. More than just a DJ though, once his set is done Starkiss enjoys the rest of the party with his friends and family of ravers. Picking up tips and tricks from all of his early tag sets with Candykid, Starkiss has amazed crowds from coast to coast, Candyball after Candyball, with his style and ability. Am I the only one that honestly believes Joey looks like Justin Bieber and may be his twin?

In the last 5 or 6 years, Candykid and Starkiss have played together for most of the East coast promoters. In the Tri-State area alone, they have been on less flyers then some and more then most. Love to non-residents at 11, but these two are NYC/PA HHC at it's most requested. As Ravers Only Sponsored DJs and Candyball residents, Slava and Joey are more then just DJs to me, they are my friends. After years of requests for this set, from so many ravers coming from as far as Hawaii and Alaska, Candykid and Starkiss are finally tagging for the Candyball massive at a proper hour!!!!

(kniteforce Records, Ravers Only, Good Vibes)
With almost two decades behind the decks, Genki is no stranger to Hardcore music. His unique sound and highly energetic stage presence have made him a household name in US Freeform/Hardcore, and made him a frequently requested act throughout the country for years. Having held residencies at The Abyss for 5 years,  Ambush for 3 years, and The Candyball events since 2007, he is known for being utterly relentless in his love for Hardcore, as well as bringing the Hardcore sound to places it hasn't been before in the US.

A Ravers Only DJ of 12 years, he has shared my vision of main room Hardcore events, and to make a name for Hardcore in the States. He has also been featured on the UK's top Freeform show, "Munted", and held weekly shows on Krafty Radio. Working alongside Kniteforce label mate Luna-C, several songs from the two have been released, and production continues in full force in 2012. Live, he blends his own unique remixes, original productions and rare music in each show, making for a truly original sound sure to keep you on your toes!

One thing is definitely for sure, a Genki show is NOT one you will want to sit down for. Known to heavily interact with the crowd, and to bring the night into feverish frenzy, his sets are described as "uncaged energy" and encompass what he feels Hardcore shows are supposed to really be about! Tonight will be no exception, as he plans to red line the energy and give you a night you won't soon forget!

(Ravers Only, Future Perfect Synergy, Deejay-mixes.com)
More than my friend, and RO Sponsored DJ, and Candyball Resident, and RaversOnly.com Designer & Webmaster, Paul is known best for his 12 year reign (1963-1975) as the WDAAM Hop-Scotch World Champion. Completely unstoppable until his secret was revealed, he wasn't actually a Woman Dressing As A Man, Paul finally stopped and forced to vacate his title in shame! With little left to live for, Paul decided to enter the extremely competitive world of Professional duck calling.

When first starting out, Paul sucked big time! However, after years of training and lots of quality time with the ducks by the pond, Paul slowly got better and began to gain recognition. The biggest hurtle for Paul was the expensive phone bills. Without having an unlimited calling plan, data and multimedia included, Paul spent as much time working to pay for his training as he did on the phone talking to ducks. Sadly in late 1974, Paul got the most disturbing news of his life. Never the same after hearing the news, Paul gave up his dream of duck calling and moved on to a more peaceful hobby and way of life.

Thanks to years of time alone, and lots of internet porn, Paul realized his greatest love....BOOBS. Coming out of his self-sentenced solitary confinement, Paul is coming to New York City to share all of his new-found knowledge and appreciation of boobs. Chain down your furniture, and lock up your daughters America, Ravers Only's most notoriously unrecognized master of mayhem will soon be in your backyard. Make sure to shower, makde sure to brush your teeth, and make sure to put on clean knickers because by the end of the his set, you will have the strange desire to throw your panties on stage as Tranzit mixes up another Candyball masterpiece!

DJ Blu
(Hard Hitters, Kraftyradio.com)
DJ Blu is known for his hard sounds and styles, but has no problem going back to his cheesy happy hardcore roots. Since coming to the scene as a DJ in 2008 he has been pleasing crowds with his energetic mix of stompers and sing-a-longs. A resident at the western MA hardcore monthly Hard Hits, and with a weekly show on KraftyRadio.com, DJ Blu is serving up a buffet of beats that no one can resist!

DJ Bizarrre
Felix Bizarre was introduced to the underground electronic dance scene in the summer of 2010. He instantly fell in love with the music, vibes and people. His tastes for music changed completely as he discovered the many styles of edm. From that moment on he knew this was going to be his life. As 2010 came to a close, he decided he wanted to take his love of music to the next level and share it with the world, thus Dj Bizarre was born.

In just under a year he has blown up. With over 20 gigs under his belt already he has shared lineups with big names such as Lisa Lashes, DJ Isaac, DJ Dan, Diesel Boy, Neophyte, Rob Gee, Jen Mas and DJ Delirium. He is also the owner/manager of Audiophiles Entertainment a event production company based out of NYC. Responsible for parties such as Cataclysm, Generate and Raver's Fantasy, Audiophiles is blowing up fast.

Area Two: Mixed Genres All Night

How Hard
(Ravers Only, Hardmind, Hard Kryptic Records, Groove Therapy AM) 3-4
With more then a decade invested in the NYC rave scene, How Hard is known world wide. Whether your discussing his productions, his sets, or his parties, your always saying great things about Howard. A friend of mine for some time now, with the party date change, we almost lost him for this party. Being the man that he is though, even on a wedding weekend (no not his silly), Howard is going to ride in fast & hard with some Hardcore Gabber to close the show in true NYC style!

Liquid Sugar
(Smoove Groove, Ravers Only) 1-2
Sue, aka Liquid Sugar, is another long time friend to so many in the New York City rave scene. With roots that date back to the beginning, Sugar has seen it all and done it all, TWICE! With a list of performances in almost every club in New Yor City, every club worth mentioning anyway, Sugar has made a name for herself as one of NYC's best house DJs. Lucky to have her as a friend, proud to have her as a Ravers Only DJ, I am honored to have her performing once again, on a night she is sure to blow the roof off as she flips the script and kicks it Hard Style!!!

(Neverworld Music) 12-1
Nightshade, a Drum n Bass Diva favorite and NYC rave veteran, has rocked stages from coast to coast for well over a decade. Her relocation to Boston left behind a trail of stardust and saddened fans in her wake, however this esteemed lady of bass has since picked up some new tasty tricks and tunes for her arsenal. Bringing Nightshade back to CB 10, for a one night appearance from her Harvard hiatus, she is sure to destroy the dance floor with some gritty bass, bone-crunching snares, and unstoppable DnB classics!

(Groove Therapy AM, Ravers Only) 11-12
Known best maybe as the man behind the Collaborate parties, Dali has been a staple in the New York City rave scene for a decade now. From New York to California, Dali has left dance floors begging for more for years with no signs of slowing down. Now producing, Dali still DJ's, still owns & runs Groove Therapy Artist Management, and stills leaves dance floors begging for more. Another long time friend of mine, Dali is sure to leave you begging for more too!

(Newraveorder.com, Darkside Of The Moon Productions) 2-3
Flying in from Florida for his second Candyball appearance is the man they call Gyver! As the owner of NewRaveOrder.com, Will has been a large part of the east coast rave scene for many, many years. With more then a decade of experience behind the decks as a DJ, Gyver is another east coast DJ with coast to coast performances in his portfolio. Making another special NYC appearance, Gyver is going to bring a set of "Glitch" just for the Candyball massive!

(Childs Play Productions/Poland) 10-11
Tommy, aka Hecticmindz, is not an easy man to reach. From working, to spinning, to producing, to being a fultime father, it's no wonder Tommy hardly ever has a chance to catch his breath.  With roots dating back to Poland, and the early days of rave, Tommy knew at a very early age that he would grow up to be a DJ. After more then ten years of performing out, and bookings from here to Poland, Hecticmindz blends his own unique style of Trance that I promise you won't soon forget!

Hocus Pocus
(NYCR) 9-10
With only five years deck experience, most people would consider Hocus Pocus an up and comer compared to the names in this room. They would not be wrong about him either, for Hocus Pocus is on his way up and there is no doubt about that. As co-leader of the popular NYCRavers, Amir, aka Hocus Pocus, is more than a DJ/party promoter/raver, he is now producing as well. With scheduled releases in 2012, this is one young NYC talent that is well on his way to the top.

RSVP: Facebook
Date: Saturday September 29th, 2012
Hours: 8pm-4am
Price: $20 presale on groovetickets.com // 30 @ the door B4 10 // $40 @ the door After 10
Ages: 18 to enter // 21 to drink
Venue: NYC Arena Formerly Amazura Ballroom (NYCArena.com)
91-12 144th place
Jamaica NY, 11435

If your looking for a unique outfit for the party, check out www.FluroGlo.com orFaceBook.com/FluroGlo. They will have a nice set up at the party for all your needs. :)

P.L.U.R in full effect ALL night long!!!!

Sound & Lights provided by Supreme Sound!

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In an effort to add a non-Happy Hardcore DJ to the Ravers Only roster, I am offering the opening set in our side room to the first DJ in line with his records (or CDs) and a pre-sale ticket. Your ticket will be refunded and the opening set will be considered your audition for the crew. It doesn't matter what you spin as long as it's not Happy Hardcore!!!!

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