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Candyball - Here We Go Again
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Where you there or did you miss it? Did you talk about it or did you hear about it? If you were there, then you know you want to be here! And if you heard about it, then you know you want to be here! If you didn't hear about it then I have no idea how you got this flier!!! Sticking with the genre, I, you, WE love, Happy Hardcore, Ravers Only is proud to bring you a fresh serving of the music you crave!! I say fresh because while we will be bringing back the free glowsticks, the fresh fruit, our resident DJs and mc's, we are bringing you talent you have never had the chance to see. At least not unless you have actually traveled to London to party. With two pure energy, high caliber, international DJs making their first appearences in the United States and Brisk thrown in the mix at the top of the list, you already have the formula for success. But success is not enough for us is it?? we want the best. So to make sure we don't backtrack from the all out frezy that was Now Is The Time, I have added local favorite Brak, Seattle favorite Jimni Cricket, and of course, my boys from TDot, George and Dynamic Uno!! With the facts in mind: we missed capacity by only 115 people, many many people traveling from great distances asked about being guarenteed to get in, the incredible lineup, and of course, the vibe we all shared at Now Is The Time, I emplore you to buy your tickets presale. I am not throwing this party to make money. I WILL NOT over crowd the club, if we sell out at legal capacity in presale tickets, I will break even and everyone will have enough room to have fun all night dancing! So buy presale and be ready for another night you won't forget! A night in which the Ravers Only revolution continues on with another high quality event unlike anything NYC has ever seen!

Hosts for the night: MC Jumper & MC High IQ

3:15am-4:10am Brisk ~ UK ~ First NYC appearence in 5 years!!!
(Next Generation Records - Stimulant DJs - tiny Management)
As he continues his DJ dominance that began three decades ago, one of the busiest DJs of today, moonlighting from DJ Brisk the Hardcore God to Hard Dance heavy weight Stimulant DJs, each weekend he dons the decks and commands the dance floors, Manchester or Melbourne, London or LA, 150 or 20,000 people, whichever, this is one DJ that provides the people with their hard earned weekend escape and good solid dose of dance fuelled serenity!

2:20am-3:15am Pikey ~ UK ~ FIRST EVER US APPEARENCE
(Hardcore underground - Lethal Theory)
Once described as the most talented, dedicated, productive and entertaining Hardcore DJ to appear on the frontline of next generation UK Hardcore, these days Pikey can be found spinning out almost every weekend over seas. But Pikey is not just a DJ, he is also making a name for himself in the production game. With production releases that can be found on last years release "Hardcore Underground" and new tracks that he is working on and should have ready in time to spin at this party, Pikey is coming to rock the house!!

5:05am-6am Cruze ~ UK ~ FIRST EVER US APPEARENCE
(Cruze-In - Thin 'n' Crispy Recordings)
Nominated for Best Breakthrough DJ 2006 at THE OFFICIAL HARDCORE AWARDS hosted by SLAMMIN VINYL, Cruze has been DJ'ing and involved with The Hardcore Scene for over fifteen years playing regularly all over the UK. He is firmly establishing himself as an Artist with a list of large event performances to his name including the UK's best parties such as: HTID, UPROAR, TASTY & NATURAL BORN RAVERS to name a few. If you left early from the first Candyball, I ask you come ready to party till the end as we close the show once again with a stellar international DJ.

1:25am-2:20am Brak ~ NYC ~ You asked for him and you got him!
(Kniteforce - PitchedUp.net - Robotswillkill)
A fan of music in general Brak doesn't like to stick to one genre. His infamous sets seamlessly blending uk hardcore and jungle have brought rave reviews all the way from Russia, US and Canada . Sick of the stigma associated with "happy" hardcore, brak mixes and blends music for the ravers giving back to the dancefloor. Raver first DJ second is the policy he goes by. Expect an aural rollercoaster ride with some of the best 170+ bpm rave music this side of Tulsa ..

4:10am-5:05am Candy Kid B2B Holidaze ~ NYC/PA ~ First time ever tag set!!
(Vitus - Ravers Only - Luv Vibe)(DC Skillz clothing - B166ER UNIT Productions - Ravers Only)
After rocking the house, at Candyball: Now Is The Time, with Dupont as his tag partner, NYC's favorite happy hardcore DJ, Candy Kid, is back once again. This time he welcomes back, to the Ravers Only sponsored DJ roster, Holidaze. Formerly from DC now living in PA, Holidaze has been destroying dance floors for over 9 years now. Prepare yourself for a happy hardcore ride unlike any you have been on before!!

12:35am-1:25am Jimni Cricket ~ WA ~ First female DJ to grace our mainstage!!
(www.webbwerx.com - www.cowpunch.org - Digital Entrapment)
Known for her quick mixing and cheesy sound, Jimni Cricket is Seattle's premier happy hardcore DJ. Working the decks since 1999, Jimni has been featured extensively on FM and internet radio stations including Analog Warfare, NAHM, and Afterhoursdjs.org amongst others. Dominating the northwest hardcore scene over the last few years, Jimni has left no city in the area untouched and has recently been touching down in Alaska, Chicago, and Toronto. She is also known for her dedicated fans and it isn't hard to understand why her reputation precedes her. From the very moment she takes the decks, Jimni Cricket's energy and style make her one of the most unique hardcore DJ's around today.

11:40pm-12:35am Dynamic Uno B2B George (who spins records) ~ Toronto ~ Don't forget to sing along!!
(Nocturnal Commissions, Orange, Embedded Entertainment)
You may recognize the name George (who spins records) as he is the only non-Ravers Only sponsored DJ to spin the first Candyball and this Candyball. What happened was, I wanted to book this tag for the first Candyball. Well, Timmy, aka Dynamic Uno, had already confirmed a booking on the date of the first Candyball and missed out on all the fun. George asked that he be allowed to spin solo and offered to pay his own way to and from the party, ALL the way from Toronto. Could I say no?? I am glad he did because as you know if you were there, he rocked the foundation of the club!! Well, tonight you will get to see George again as he takes on his partner in crime, Dynamic Uno, for their first Candyball and NYC tag set!!

10:45pm-11:40pm Dupont B2B Genki ~ CT/VA ~ First time ever tag set!!
(FloorBurnerz - Ravers Only)(Ravers Only - Happy Vibe - Enigma Recordings - Empyreal)
Our first tag set of the night goes to two Ravers Only residents. While Genki tore it up at the first Candyball, he was spinning alone. This time around however, Genki will take on local favortie Dupont. As two DJs who never dissapoint, this should be one hell of a set by two Ravers Only DJs!!

10pm-10:45pm Makin Moves ~ PA ~ Kicking the party off right!!!!!!!!
(Jamone Crew - Kydd Productionz - Floorburnerz)
Hey Everybody! My name is Scottie and I'm DJ Makin Moves! I've been spinning pawtys for about 6 years now and loving every moment of it. I will be playing tonite, some of the Nastiest, High Energy and Hard Hitting freeform/Happycore you've ever heard. To spin for such a historical party in New York is a privilage far and beyond. Thank you Smoke! You are the Man.. So get ready to dance your ass off. Get ready for MC High IQ to rip some crazy rhymes. We're getting our JaMonE On tonite people!! This one goes out to you and all of my friends.

Area 2: Assorted genres all night

1:25am-2:20am Nightshade ~ Drum & Bass
(Neverworld Music - Hardstep Sistaz)
This bassvixen has been tearing it up for nearly a decade, with an arsenal of floor-stompin wax. Having rinsed the states from coast to coast, Nightshade is notorious for riding crispy beats fused with heavy doses of NYC bass. Expect a scorching set from this drum n bass diva, guaranteed to set the dancefloor ablaze!

2:20am-3:15am Myth I S ~ special Old Skool Trance set
(DPIM Recordings - Drumasheenz)
With over a decade in the scene and over 20 mixes you can download free in the mix section on the Ravers Only website, I have no idea why Myth I S is not one of my sponsored DJs. I really have to change that, but until I do, I invite you to come watch a master technician take you on a musical journey through the old days of trance.

10:45pm-11:40pm How Hard B2B Mentor ~ Hardcore
(Ravers Only - Hardmind - Hard Kryptic Records)(CGC)
How Hard, aka the Pied Piper of Hardcore and one of Ravers Only's proudest, has played regularly throughout the United States & Canada for the last five years to crowds into the thousands. With numerous mixes and internationally released original tracks, How Hard is one of the most recognized names coming from the NYC rave scene today. For the first time, How Hard will be playing alongside Long Island's strongest up & comer: DJ Mentor. A name that is surely to be rising in the coming years!

12:30am-1:25am Soren ~ Hard Dance
(Ravers Only - Digital Entrapment - Audio Boxx)
This New Jersey bad boy is known for tearing up dance floors from New York City to California and everywhere in between. One of only two Ravers Only sponsored DJs to spin our second room tonight, Soren is known for his hard cuts and smooth mixes. You will be Sorenated!!!

11:40pm-12:30am Soundstream ~ Techno
(Floorburnerz - Digital Entrapment)

3:15am-4:10am Synikal ~ Drum & Breaks
(Headcase, Tru Skool, Light It Up)

4:10am-5:05am Berk ~ Drum & Bass / Raggae Jungle
(Connectbeats - Floorburnerz)
Berk will be starting the set with a crazy scratch intro that was writen by connectbeats own N.E.B. and is sure to get the party pumped! Berk will spin his own style of wiked ragga and hard ass tech step along with dub plates of slamming D&B from the Connectbeats crew! This set will keep the party people dancing, moving, and begging for more!

5:05am-6am Leila ~ Drum & Bass
(DPIM Recordings)

10pm-10:45pm Apollo Christian ~ Hard Techno / Hard Trance / Hard House
(APB - Galaxy Tracks)



Free glowsticks, candi, whistles, fresh fruit and much more all night long!!

Live painting by Hope169

The Great Candi Giveaway II !!
Once again, I will be giving away a FULL tub of candy! Well actually, this being the II'nd give away, I am giving away II tubs of candy!! I have no idea how many beads there are in the 2 tubs, but there is definately a shitload + a shitload = a fucking shitload!!! All separated by type and color! Once again, the giveaway is 99% free. While you will have to pay to get in the party, everyone who enters the party will be given a raffle ticket and the winner will be selected, announced, and given the tubs of beads right before the closing set of the night!!!!

Both rooms of sound will be filled with lazers provided by APB Lighting!!!

Prepare yourselves as our third and final Candyball of the year will be a candy costome party on Friday October 26th, 2007!!

PLUR in full effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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