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Area One: Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore all night long!!!

Hosts for the night: MC Jumper & MC High IQ

3:20am-4:20am Impact ~ UK ~ FIRST NYC APPEARENCE!!!
(Infexious Audio)
A hardcore music producer since 1996, Impact made his debut in the scene with releases on Go Mental Records entitled "Don't Cry" and "Fine Night". That marked the start of a production career that has spanned many releases, under various labels and pseudonyms. Impact owns three record labels now; Impulse, FBI, and his latest venture, in collaboration with Resist, Infexious Audio. His tracks have appeared on successful albums worldwide, including Moonshine's (USA) "Happy 2 B Hardcore" series, Toshiba - EMI's (Japan) "Dancemania" series, and Resist's world famous "Bonkers" series. Impact is now a regular name in the UK Hardcore scene and is considered to be one of the industry's leading producers and DJs. We at Ravers Only are proud to have him here tonight for the first stop on his 2007 North American tour!

2:20am-3:20am Sunrize ~ Boston ~ MAKING HIS RETURN TO NYC!!!
(SunrizeSound.net, Pitched Up, Next Gen UK)
With 12 years experience behind the decks, Sunrize has always strived to do better work. Feeling like the best thing is always coming up next, there are nights that you won't hear him play any of his own productions. If you were to ask him what productions he is most proud of, he would tell you "Don't Even Try It" (Blatant Beats 037), "Take Control" (Pitched Up), and "Illusion" with Reese which will be coming out on Sunrize Sound. Influenced by Moby, his early techno and also the electronic/rock fusions of the mid 90s were really what caught his attention. Over the years some of his other major influences have been The Prodigy, BT, and John B for his very confident/solo stance in the music that he does.

4:20am-5:20am No Left Turn ~ San Francisco ~ FIRST NYC APPEARENCE!!!
(K12 Studios, Sunrize Sound)
Along side his fellow comrades Sunrize, Brak, & AC Slater, this DJ/producer, is constantly in the studio making his tracks the best song he can write so that at the end of the day he can say "Man, this track is awesome!" Pouring his heart and soul into every performance, No Left Turn as played such cities as Chicago, Toronto (CAN), Los Angeles, San Francisco, and soon to be New York City! His sound can best be described as hard, bouncy, aggressive, and uplifting. However, by the years end, look for his 4-6 track EP with something more definitive and with a little more meaning than the every day track! (crosses fingers)

1:20am-2:20am AC Slater ~ NYC ~ IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!
(Pitched Up, Nu Energy UK, Electronic UK, Tiny Management)
"This dude is the nicest mothafucka around, he once pulled a puppy out of a burning building naaah maybe not, but he totaly would! Did you hear he worked with The Panacea, and some of the world's top hardcore producers like Sharkey, Alistair Storm, Luna-C, Devastate, and Oli G? Dude has his own label called Pitched Up Recordings. It fucking rules. His production doesnt suck...infact that fucking rules too. Have you heard Crowd Control yet? Yo its the shiiiiiit!" -DJ Brak

11:40pm-12:30am Tranzit ~ Toronto ~ ONE OF MY PERSONAL FAVORITES!!!
(Future Perfect Synergy)
Toronto's anthem king began his love for the music in 1998 when he downloaded a fresh mix by DJ Frisky over a dial-up connection. A year or two after his 16th birthday, his mix tapes & hype began to spread throughout Toronto. With quick mixing, a unique style, and his amazing taste in tracks, he quickly moved up the ranks playing all across Canada and the United States. Don't be surprised when listening to Tranzit that you will hear a Hardcore/Euro cross sets, incorporating the ever so popular Eurodance from the 90's into the Hardcore biznezz!

12:30am-1:20am Tika ~ Pittsburgh ~ FIRST NYC APPEARENCE!!!
(kooterkore.net, B.A.D.Ass., goodvibesent)
In the past six years, Tika has been busy spinning all over North America. From Canada to California, and everywhere in between, her unique style has garnered bookings alongside names like Hixxy, Brisk, The Panacea, Luna-C, Scott Brown, Neophyte and scores of others. Making two stellar appearances at Anabolic Frolic's landmark Hullabaloo events, which in their day were arguably the biggest hardcore events in North America, Tika is coming to New York City to see for herself how we do it here, Candyball style!

10:50pm-11:40pm Leela ~ Brooklyn ~ NOT A SET TO MISS!!!
(evilOlive, k00terk0r3)
Making waves all over upstate NY and across the border in Toronto, I have known Leela for a few years now. With several appearances at the World Electronic Music Festival (WEMF), and a trip out to California earlier this year, Leela is quickly making a name for herself in the world of Hardcore. She is best known for mashing up dance floors with a super-awesome blend of all things Hardcore; Bouncy, Cheesy, Freeformy, and Breakbeaty. This set from Brooklyn's newest resident hardcore selekta is sure to blow the roof off!

10pm-10:45pm Genki B2B Holidaze ~ Virginia/Pennsylvania ~ RAVERS ONLY!!!
(Ravers Only B2B Ravers Only)
Starting the night off on the right foot are two of Ravers Only sponsored DJs.

5:20am-6am Smoke B2B Spanx ~ New Jersey ~ RAVERS ONLY!!!
(Ravers Only)
A special “goodbye ‘till next year” set mixed by the two brains behind Ravers Only!

Special guest MC's all night long!

MC Casper ~ UK ~
(Next Generation Records, Blatant Beats)
The 2006 Hardcore Heaven Awards Best Breakthrough MC is taking the long flight over from the UK for his first appearance here in New York City. Appearing on stage in Spain with HTID, over the years Casper has worked with most of the top DJ's & MC's in the UK Hardcore and Drum & Bass scenes. With residencies for: Destiny, Fusion, Delerium, Hardcore Momentum, Electrik, Experi-Mental and Oblivion, MC Casper has been heard performing for Slammin Vinyl/Hardcore Heaven, Vibealite, and for the first time in history, Ravers Only!!

MC Everybodies Daddy ~ Toronto ~
(Future Perfect Synergy)
Being reviewed in the UK's scene magazine “Raving Eye” as "North America's top freestyle (hardcore) MC", Everybodies Daddy has been a rising star in the Toronto rave scene since 1999. He has performed for almost every major Happy Hardcore promoter in Toronto as well as the biggest names from the UK, USA and Canada. With influences including, but not limited to, MC Stixman & MC Gobstoppa, he will wow you with his quick freestyles, slick and meaningful rhymes, and a stage presence that is matched only by his love of music!

MC Rukkus ~ Pittsburgh ~
(Sunrizesound.net, k12Studios, Goodfellaz)
MC Rukkus has been rockin stages all across North America for the past two years now. He doesn't know the meaning of the word genre and he certainly hasn’t learned when to stop. While Rukkus is always on point when behind the decks, I have been told that he can kick it on the mic with the best of ‘em. I can tell you this for sure, you won't want to be caught sitting down when he is up on the stage!

Area Two: Assorted genres all night!!!

1:35am-2:35am Knowledge ~ Techno ~
(columnsofknowledge.com, myspace.com/djknowledge)
Since his first public performance back in 1996, Knowledge has been cultivating his sound into a unique blend of many styles. As the music changed and began to grow harder, so did his sets. After a house party thrown by one of his friends back in 2002, Knowledge was inspired to create Columns of Knowledge Recordings, the sister company to his already huge Columns of Knowledge productions. Today Knowledge is focused more than ever as he takes new directions in music to move forward with positivity!

12:35am-1:35am Warchild b2b How Hard ~ Hardcore/Gabber ~
(TrueCrew)(Hardmind, Ravers Only, Hard Kryptic Records)
For those of you who never got a chance to see Warchild in action, this is for you! Rich aka Warchild is known almost as much for what he is wearing and doing while spinning as he is for what his spinning. Tonight he comes out of retirement to take on How Hard, one of NYC’s most popular Hardcore DJ’s. For this first time in history these two long time friends will battle it out on the decks. With Warchild coming out of retirement and How Hard ready to get nasty, I suggest you prepare for an hour of music that could take all of the attention away from our main stage!!!

11:35pm-12:35am Mighty Mike Saga ~ Industrial/Drum & Bass ~
(mikesaga.com, headcaserecordings.com)
Co-founder of the now defunct Kontrol Phreaks crew, Mighty Mike Saga was responsible for many of the parties, promotions, and design of flyers keeping the Philadelphia underground electronic music scene alive since the mid 90's. Taking the next logical progression 5 years ago, Mike began playing the music he loved to the masses and soon became a regular face in the industrial / fetish scene. One of the most animated characters out there, he brings a unique blend of personality and ability. A party really isn't a party if Mighty Mike Saga isn't in the crowd. Prepare for a mixture of industrial and Old skool drum N bass with a touch of electro step tonight!!

2:35am-3:35am Liquid Sugar ~ Chicago Hard House ~
(Ravers Only, Strong Island Records, Smooth Groove)
In my personal opinion, Sugar is the most underrated DJ in the NYC scene. I have been sitting there listening to her scratch only to walk up to the decks and realize she wasn’t scratching at all, she was only mixing two records back and forth. My god she really blows my mind! With more years in the rave scene than me, and most people that I know, and years of experience behind the decks, I am honored that I get to give you guys another chance to see this Old Skool Kandy kid rock the decks at our last Candyball of the year!!

4:25am-5:15am Woog ~ Epic Trance ~
(Ravers Only)
For those of you who did not get to see Woog spin at the first Candyball, you are getting a second chance. Normally when someone has opened or closed a party for me they no longer are forced to spin one of the two most hated time slots. However, due to an oversight by me and an amazing gesture by Spaz, Woog is on this lineup, as I promised him, and will be closing the 2nd room Strong Island style! You’ll get a chance to see Spaz spin at a Candyball next April, that is set in stone!!!

3:35am-4:25am Mike D ~ Hard NRG ~
(SpreadTheWord, Atari Safari, Plurtain)
With only a few years of deck experience, and a year or two of crowd experience, Mike D has been making a name for himself all over the New England rave scene. Noticed for his track selection, unique mixing style, and aggressive sound, Mike’s number one goal is to put out a quality set. Quickly becoming a house hold name in New England, this young DJ has promised me that he will show you what all the hype is about!

10:45pm-11:35pm REXTC ~ Hard Dance ~
(200 Proof, GSP)
For as long as I have been dreaming about throwing these parties, REXTC has been dreaming about spinning at parties. Now after five years of rocking crowds up and down the East coast, and a few recommendations from personal friends of mine, REXTC is bringing his signature blend of eclectic Hard Dance to New York City and the Candyball. 200 Proof hard dance, 100% REXTC by volume, if you need an early breather from the main stage, REXTC will be there to give you something to dance to!

10pm-10:45pm Amtrak ~ Drum & Bass ~
(Special Birthday Set)
As a lover of the dance floor, Amtrak's only wish is to make you dance. From gentle grooves to hard beats, you never know what he's going to drop to keep the vibe going and your feet moving. While he is not the smoothest DJ on the lineup, Arnold has a sense of humor that shows itself in his DJ name. So if you can tear yourself away from my residents that are opening the main stage, in invite you to count the wrecks that Amtrak throws at you on his birthday!

Hours: 10pm-6am

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