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Candyball - Ravers In The Caribbean
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Hosts for the night: MC Jumper, MC High IQ, MC Casper

Area One: All Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore all night

3am-4am ~ Hixxy – UK
(Raver Baby)
If there is a list of DJs who need no introductions, there is no doubt that Hixxy is on said list. Getting his start way back in 1991, it wasn't until Hixxy met DJ Dougal, back in '99, that things really began to take off for him. Together with Dougal, Hixxy started a new label, Essential Platinum, that was geared directly towards Happy Hardcore. It was their very first release, Toy Town, on Essential Platinum that pushed DJ Hixxy to instant success and fame. “Toy Town” became an instant anthem and was played out by every Happy Hardcore DJ on the circuit. From there, Hixxy gained bookings at all of the UK’s largest raves, including Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Slammin Vinyl, HTID, Natural Born Ravers, etc, etc, etc……

2am-3am ~ Marc Smith – UK
(Notorious Vinyl)
Only a few other artists in the UK hardcore scene can boast the pedigree, experience, and the talents of the Scottish rave legend Marc Smith. While so many others follow the obvious fads and fashions, Marc Smith has made a Notorious name for himself by stamping out his own unique, party friendly sound, without surrendering to the more mainstream oriented side of the Hardcore scene. With production releases, on his “Notorious Vinyl” label, that secured major CD licenses and became solid favorites in the boxes of Gammer, Brisk, Kevin Energy and Sharkey, there is no doubt that Marc is aside from one of the best DJs in the scene today, one of the top producers in the Happy Hardcore scene as well.

1am-2am ~ Spree w/ MC ADB – VT/NE
(SpreeAndAdb.com, Esdjco Clothing)
Spree has been one of the top High-Energy Dance providers in North America for the past 10 years running. He's painted smiles across the faces of thousands of kids as a headliner in just about every major US and Canadian city during that time. It was back in 1999 that Spree and ADB collaborated for the first time at “Plur 99”. In-front of 1500 kids, MC ADB and DJ Spree put on a show that made the dance floor go mental while hardcore exploded for the first time in the Midwest! Spree and ADB have not looked back since and I can’t wait to see them tear NYC apart Candyball style!!

12am-1am ~ Everybodies Daddy – Toronto
(Future Perfect Synergy, Realism Records)
The cunning linguist mack daddy MC is back for a third smashing engagement at the hottest rave ticket in North America. He has played this continent's biggest hardcore jams for the better part of a decade, building a reputation as big as his ego. He mixes dangerously smooth freestyles with slick, meaningful rhymes, and an energy-injected stage presence that is second to none. On the decks, Daddy packs only the biggest, baddest dance floor destroying choons from the late 1990s until now. His quick, aggressive mixing and three-deck mashups leave the crowd breathless. On this night, he'll be mashing up the filthiest jump-up drum n' bass with bouncy, euphoric happy hardcore anthems to bring the early morning mayhem rough, rugged and raw, just the way you like it! Throw your panties on the stage New York, and prepare to rave your faces off!!!

4am-5am ~ Candy Kid B2B Tranzit – NYC/Toronto
(Ravers Only, Vitus)(Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only)
I have to be honest here, as much as I can’t wait to see Hixxy and/or Marc Smith, I am really looking forward to this set!! As one of NYC’s favorite Happy Hardcore DJ’s, Candy Kid has made a name for himself all over the world! As one of Toronto’s favorite Happy Hardcore DJ, Tranzit has made a name for himself all over the world! Tonight, for the first time in history, two of my favorite DJs will get together to create an hour of music that is sure to be talked about for a long, long time!

11pm-12am ~ PKat – CT
(Plurtrain, Floorburnerz, Atari Safari)
The hard-driven pulse delivered from a pounding kick drum and solid bass line fuels Pkat's fervor for music. For 8 years this UK Hardcore and Hard Dance DJ has established himself as a Kat with a knack for laying it down proper. In 2004, Pkat made the leap from DJ to Producer and never looked back. His fierce and independent style immerses listeners in waves of hard sound and throws dance floors into frenzies.

10pm-11pm ~ Pinky & the Brain aka Dupont & Soundstream – CT
(Ravers Only, FloorBurnerz)(FloorBurnerz, Digital Entrapment)
Dupont and Soundstream came together after crossing paths during the time of elements crews weekly in New London. Since then they have become the driving force behind the Floorburnerz. For the last 3 years both have been spending countless hours in their makeshift music lab, where they formulated the equation which has become pinky and the brain. With Dupont mastering his mixing skills and Soundstream perfecting his scratch box style, these two are a one-of-a-kind tag-team, known for their high energy UK hardcore style.

5am-6am ~ Holidaze – PA
(DC Skillz clothing, B166ER UNIT Productions, Ravers Only)
Brad aka Holidaze has been playing Anthems all over the Northeast for years now. From club weeklies in PA, VA, DC, and MD, to some of the region’s largest EDM events like Starscape, Thriller, and Mystic Motion 3. With a reputation for drawing friendly, energetic crowds and playing some of the most popular tracks in dance music history, Holidaze is a great addition to tonight’s event and the Ravers Only roster.

Area 2: Assorted Genres all night

1:40am-2:40am ~ Jen Mas – NYC
Recently ranked the #16 female DJ in the world by Shejay.net, Jen Mas has been known as the New York City Queen of Hardcore for some time now! As the founder of Vitus Productions, Jen has been pushing Hardcore and organizing quality events in the NYC area since 1997. With nine years of DJing behind her, she displays a unique style and passion for her music. Her progressive sets always express this enthusiasm, forcing you to dance to every beat. With her quick mixing, cutting, & scratching, she keeps you on your toes and takes you on a journey through sound. And since her sets can include many different genres of music, Jen has the ability to appeal to a broad range of listeners. Even though her main focus is Hardcore Techno, she's been known to drop a nasty DnB or Old Skool set if the situation called for it. Her admiration and dedication to turntablism and genre-blending keeps leading her down a unique path of her art form, and she strives to continue pushing the limits of DJing as one of America's top hardcore DJs.

2:40am-3:40am ~ Proxxy B2B Lantern – D.C.
(Ravers Only, Afterdark Talent, EB)(Afterdark Talent, EB, Midnight Sons)
For over ten years, Dj Proxxy has been embedded with the electronic dance music scene. Co-Founder of Essential Breaks, which throws monthly and "one-off" Breaks events in the DC area, Proxxy has been traveling all over the U.S., and recently the UK, delivering his ability to mesh Drum and Bass with Old and Nu Skool Breaks tracks together. Raised in Northern Virginia, Lantern has risen to the top of the D.C./Baltimroe club circuit at an unmatched rate. Having a number of high profile gigs, he has gained much respect in the local surrounding DC area. Tonight Proxxy and Lantern will once again team up to bring you their patented Drum & Breaks”!!

11:40pm-12:40am ~ Mike Charles – CT
(Spiritual Emporium, Electronic DanceCast, MikeCharles.net)
In a Northeast scene populated by an endless sea of DJs, Mike has set himself apart from the rest. His tireless work ethic and relentless beats quickly earned him a spot in one of New England's most revered crews, the Spiritual Emporium, and a residency at the infamous Municipal Cafe. He has earned nationwide respect and radio airplay for his 3 underground CDs. As anyone who has ever heard him spin will tell you, Mr. Charles has one of the most impeccable track selections around. He holds a true belief in the music, and always carries his positive atmosphere with him when he plays. Be warned, Mike Charles is a true entertainer, known for the wild displays of energy during his sets, creating an atmosphere on the dance floor that is nothing short of infectious! The truth of the matter is, if you haven't seen Mike Charles live, then you just don't know.

12:40am-1:40am ~ Dali – NJ
(Groove Therapy, Ravers Only, Tiny Management)
Over the past few years, Dali has become one of the hottest names in the NYC rave scene! From humble begging’s, Dali created Groove Therapy and put NJ back on the map as a place to party! After that, Dali brought his love for the scene to NYC and, with Digital Entrapment, worked on some of NYC’s most memorable parties from a few years ago. From there, for those of you who don’t know it yet, Dali brought forth a new party series that has taken NYC by storm! As the mastermind behind NYC’s free annual massive “Collaborate”, Dali spends most of his free time giving back to a scene that has shown him so much love over the years!!

4:40am-5:30am ~ Integrity – NYC
(Hardmind Productions, DPIM Recordings)
Providing safe and legal events along with grass-root distribution of free music for almost a decade, Brian Gibbs, the man behind the Integrity personality, has long been both an active participant and an advocate of the New York City metropolitan area rave scene. Recently, after becoming increasingly aware of conflict and desperation around the globe, Brian has expanded his advocacy to include the world scene as well. Integrity believes that music is a great equalizer in a world that is so often plagued by division. By earning recognition and a reputable voice through the universal language of music, Brian hopes to be a positive influence to all of planet Earth and its inhabitants through his message of tolerance and equality for all people.

3:40am-4:40am ~ Big Ears – NYC
(Hardmind Productions, Bassbot, Dnbc)
DJ Big Ears has been one of the fastest rising DJ’s to hit the Jungle/DnB scene. His ever evolving career has proved to be an unstoppable force in New York City and beyond. Because his unmatched track selection isn't limited to just one genre, Big Ears continues to blow dance floors away with every set he spins. Fitting the definition of a DJ in the truest sense, Big Ears creates an untouchable blend of Oldskool Jungle, Ragga, Mashup, Breakore, Hardcore, Speedcore, Reggae, and Hip Hop that breaks all stereotypes of a Jungle DJ.

10:50pm-11:40pm ~ Madam Bliss – PA
(Wharehouse Massive, Concepts Crew, Groove Therapy)
Quickly making a name for herself as a DJ, Madam Bliss hit the scene long ago as a B-Girl. Whether she is the center of attention on the dance floor or behind the decks, Madam Bliss has a nack for keeping the crowd entertained. In less than two years she has managed to gain bookings all over the United States and tonight she comes to the Candyball to show us why!!

10pm-10:50pm ~ Spaz – NY
(Ravers Only, Dreamy Productions)
This upstate DJ has been creating waves since the first time he set the needle down. With a style all his own, Spaz gets the crowd rocking the minute he steps behind the decks! Joining two crews last year, Ravers Only and Dreamy Productions, Spaz looks to have a bright future here in the NYC rave scene!!

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