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I remember talking to Pauly, may he rest in peace, from Sympty productions, and when he found out what I do for a living and how much money I make, he asked "What the fuck are you throwing parties for then?" I said to him then, over 7 years ago, the same thing I say to you all today, I throw parties because of my love for the music and the scene. At our last party we had a few issues arise that are being dealt with.

Raving Is Not A Crime!!!!

One of them however, I need your help with. I have no desire to spend the rest of my life with a death on my conscience because someone OD'ed at one of my parties. And by no means do I want to throw parties that add to the negative stereotype the rave scene already has. Which leads me to my new favorite saying, if you can't come correct, don't come at all! And to quote my boy Mickey, from Tru Skool Productions, "Respect the rules YOU break!" I warn you now, if you don't, I will have no desire to continue throwing the Candyball parties next year!!!!

Area One: All Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore all night

12:20am-1:20am ~ Delirium
(Traxtorm ~ Italy, M.O.H. ~ Holland, DJDelirium.com)

1:20am-2:20am ~ Venom
(Volume, Underground Construction)

3:20am-4:20am ~ No Left Turn B2B Reese
(K12 Studios)

2:20am-3:20am ~ E.N.D
(Goodfellaz Crew, Pitched Up Recordings)

4:20am-5:10am ~ Dain-Ja
(1upped, Project D, happyhardcore.com radio)

11:30pm-12:20am ~ Dali
(Groove Therapy, Ravers Only, Tiny Management)

5:10am-6am ~ Dupont B2B Mike Bounce
(Ravers Only, Floorburnerz, Sunrize Sound, BeatDrop Music)

10:45pm-11:30pm ~ Makin Moves
(Tru Skool, Floorburnerz, Hardcore Mud-A-Fukas)

10pm-10:45pm ~ Genki
(Ravers Only, Happyvibe, Enigma)

Host MC's:

Jumper (Ravers Only, Ruffneck Playaz Crew)
High IQ (Ravers Only, Headcase, Pitched Up)
MC Casper (Next Generation Records, Blatant Beats, Ravers Only)

Guest MC:

(K12studios, Goodfellaz, SunrizeSound)

Area 2: Assorted Genres all night

2:40am-3:40am ~ Mz Buttakup
(Tiny Recordings, Aurora Borealis Productions)

1:40am-2:40am ~ Opel
(Deprivation Records, Embedded, Nocturnal Commissions)

12:40am-1:40am ~ Endo
(Traktor Scratch, Ravers Only, myspace.com/djendo)

3:40am-4:40am ~ Liquid Sugar
(Ravers Only, Strong Island Records, Smooth Groove)

11:40pm-12:40am ~ How Hard
(Ravers Only, Hardmind, Hard Kryptic Records)

10:50pm-11:40pm ~ Dice
(Groove Therapy, ADAM World Wide)

4:40am-5:30am ~ Amtrak
(Ravers Only)

10pm-10:50pm ~ Serious Black

***** EVERYONE in attendance will get a FREE CD of Hixxy ~ Live @ Ravers In The Caribbean!!!! *****

Tickets: $25 @

PLUR in full effect all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lazers provided by APB Lighting

Live Painting by Hope169

FREE Glowsticks, Whistles, Horns, Candy, Fresh Fruit and much more all night long!!

Affiliated Record Labels

Notorious Vinyl
Groove Therapy Records

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