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Area One: All Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore all night

*** Winner of 2007 Slammin Vinyl Hardcore Heaven Award for Best Live Act ***

The Lethal Theory Showcase *** 1st EVER North American Performance***
featuring Joey Riot, Kurt, and MC Enemy (UK)
(serioussounds.net, core-mag.net, lethaltheory.com)
How do you find the right words to describe the level of hardcore madness this party promises to deliver? Let us start with 2 turntables, 4 CDJ’s, 3 microphones, Joey Riot, DJ Kurt and MC Enemy; AKA The Lethal Theory Showcase! While Riot, Kurt, and Enemy have received more than a dozen individual award nominations at the 2008 “Slammin Vinyl Hardcore Heaven Awards”, combining forces as “The Lethal Theory Showcase” won the trio the award for “Best Live Act” last year at the 2007 “Slammin Vinyl Hardcore Heaven Awards”. Live and direct from the UK, Ravers Only is proud to bring you this mind-blowing hour of music that is sure to leave you questioning reality.

With more than 50 tracks released on over 15 different labels and over 80 tracks used on 18 different albums, just in the last 3 years, Joey Riot has quickly become a household name in the UK Hardcore scene! On stage is where he truly shines though and in 2006, Joey won the “Best Breakthrough DJ” award at the 2006 “Slammin Vinyl Hardcore Heaven Awards”. Now a regular at every major event in the UK; HTID, Slammin Vinyl, Uproar, Hardcore Heaven, etc, etc, he is also playing abroad touring Australia, Canada, Spain, and the US! As Joey Riot makes his first NYC appearance as well as his first Candyball appearance, I warn you now, PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE MADNESS that is JOEY RIOT!!!!

Every time I meet a 23-year-old DJ/Producer who tells me they have been spinning/producing since they were “like 12 man”, all I can do is chuckle. Well folks, at 33, come this October; this old man is going to introduce you to a 23-year “young” man who has made the best of the last 11 years of his life. At the age of 12, Kurt began a lifelong mission to become one of the most renowned DJs in the Hardcore scene. Now, 11 years down the road he plays a major role as one of the most popular and talented DJ/Producers in the scene today. With a massive list of releases on nearly every major Hardcore record label, ALL 100% produced and engineered by himself, his own record label “Lethal Theory”, which he pioneered alongside Joey Riot, has taken off by storm! Well on his way to becoming the most renowned DJ/Producer the Hardcore scene has ever seen, Ravers Only is proud to bring DJ Kurt to NYC and the Candyball for the first time!

Rounding off this amazing trio of performers is MC Enemy! Starting in the world of hardcore as an MC in 2005, like all the greats of the craft, Enemy has quickly risen to the top of his field! Taking 3rd last year, for the same award, Enemy has already been nominated for the "Best Breakthrough MC” award at the 2008 “Slammin Vinyl Hardcore Heaven Awards” to be held later this year. With performances all over the UK this past year and performances at HTID in the Sun this year, Ravers Only is proud to welcome MC Enemy to NYC, the Candyball, and the United States for the first time!!

S3rl (Australia) *** 1st EVER NYC Appearance ***
(Nu Energy, Executive Records, BeatDropMusic)
DJ S3RL from Brisbane, Australia, has been writing and producing his own tracks since 2000. But it wasn’t until the end of 2005 that he would catch a break. Kevin Energy and Sharkey came down under, S3RL showed them his skills on one of the many demo cd's he had, and it was only weeks later that Kevin Energy got back to him with a contract ready to sign. Now the first DJ in Queensland to be signed to a major Hardcore label, it was not long after he that he was mixing it up with names such as; Kevin Energy, Brisk, Sharkey, Scott Brown, Neophyte and many more.

Since then he has firmly secured his place in DJ Haze's label 'Excecutive Records' in Sydney, as well as the NEC. S3rl has already released a steady flow of productions for both labels and has had tracks featured on compilations such as 'Bonkers' and 'Masif Hardcore 2008'. At the same time, S3rl has been displaying his talents to worldwide audience’s while DJing at events all around the globe. Known for his intense stage presence and floor filling musical abilities, be sure to watch out for S3RL as he mixes up a storm and continues to keep the crowd jumping with all his future productions. Making his first NYC and Candyball appearances, bring your energy and show your love for DJ S3rl!!!

Stormtrooper (UK) *** 1st EVER NYC Appearance ***
(Thin N Crispy Recordings, BeatDropMusic)
Part of the TNC Crew (Thin'N'Crispy), Stormtrooper has not only done some amazing production as a solo artist, but he has done incredible work with some of the greats in Hardcore, including Robbie Long and Sharkey. He has appeared on numerous UK Hardcore compilations including Ministry of Sound's Hardcore Euphoria, Nukleuz's Hardcore Nation series, and Resist's; Bonkers and Hardcore Heaven albums. From his imaginative solo efforts to his massive collaborations with the TNC crew, not forgetting his remix work with label boss, Robbie Long, Stormtrooper has an arsenal of original club bangers at his finger tips, ready to do the damage on the worlds dance floors every single weekend.

Holding residencies for some of the UK’s biggest and most forward thinking promoters, such as Vibealive, Fusion and Destiny, not to mention regular appearances at all the huge events like; Hardcore Heaven, Uproar, HTID, Slammin' Vinyl and Freeformation, you begin to see just how busy this bright young talent has become over the last few years. With a hectic schedule in front of him, DJ Stormtrooper is in the zone right now, doing what he loves to do – producing, and DJ’ing music for party people worldwide. From a background of production and a true passion for DJ'ing, all of us at Ravers Only are proud to bring another rising star DJ/Producer to NYC and the Candyball for the 1st time!

Toxic (UK) *** 1st EVER NYC Appearance ***
(Vibealive, Hard South, +12)
Making his debut at the legendary Brighton Hard Dance night QED in late 2000, Toxic played a 2-hour set to a rammed Pressure Point. The following week he was thrown in the deep end the right way, he was to play the last set after Vortex, in the techno room of Future Dance 4, at Castle Studios. Shortly thereafter, Toxic was given residency in the Techno room, hosted by North, for all further Future Dance events. Playing alongside names such as M-Zone, Producer, Scorpio, and Sharkey, Toxic spent his days smashing out a blend of Hard and Acid Trance.

Life was good and Toxic was making appearances at many of Brighton’s Hard Dance nights. As well, he had a weekly slot on the internet playing for Cable Radio. In December 2003 he I won the Ukscene DJ competition, held at Oblivion in Leicester, which brought him the opportunity to play at parties further north. Making a name for himself at places such as; one the longest running rave events, Diztruxshon at the Doncaster Dome, Future Vibe at The Street, Skegness, and many more. As 2004 dawned, the promoters of QED decided it was time to call it quits.

Given the chance to carry on what they had started, rather than go it alone, Toxic decided to join forces with Vapour & Elmo, the two men who ran the Brighton Hardcore night, Vibealive. This joining of forces gave them the opportunity of being able to put Hardcore parties together in Brighton, on a weekend night, for the first time in almost 10 years. From that point on, Vibealive has gone from strength to strength, packing The Church Club in Brighton on a monthly basis. Making his New York City debut playing here at the Candy Ball, Ravers Only is proud to bring Toxic to the US for the first time ever!

Pikey (UK) *** Special Morning Glory Set ***
(lethaltheory.com, Spit n Spin Artist Agency)
As many of you may remember from his first Candyball appearance last July, Pikey likes to play towards the tougher side of Hardcore. Playing tracks from labels such as; Notorious, Kaotic, Nu Energy, Relentless, Next Generation, Thin n Crispy, Lethal Theory and others, Pikey describes his style of DJ’ing as fast, hard, bouncy, adventurous and entertaining. For that is what he believes a DJ should be, entertaining! Showing his fun loving personality behind the decks, matched only by his skillz behind the decks, will make sure Pikey tears the rough off of Club Exit one more time!

Working side by side with Joey Riot and DJ Kurt, Pikey hopes to one day be known as a DJ/Producer. Working with Joey Riot, Pikey produced his first track back in 2006, entitled “Summin 2 Dance 2”. That and his second production, “Move your body”, were both featured on DJ Kurts & Stormtroopers CD on Hardcore Underground. With a busy schedule inclduing; HTID, HTID in the Sun, Slammin Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven, etc, etc, Ravers Only is proud to have Pikey back in NYC and honored to end the Candyball year with this special morning glory set!

Milo (Toronto) *** 1st EVER NYC Appearance ***
(NAHM, HappyHardcore.com, Sunrize Sound)
He is back, on home turf, and ready to rock. While this will be his first appearance in NYC, Milo is no stranger to the North American rave circuit. One of the keystones in today’s stateside Hardcore scene, Milo has played clear across the USA and Canada, pushing the new sound of Hardcore to the masses. Already scheduled for HTID in the Sun 09, next year in Spain, Milo’s schedule is one to brag about for sure! And whether he is in the studio, behind the scenes running NAHM and TSR, or up on the decks, no one can deny the passion, style, and dedication Milo brings to the table.

With a handful of production releases on various labels, such as; Lucky Breaks, Project Xero, and Addictive, already to his credit, Milo aims to “try something new” with every track he writes. And keeping his style fresh and always updating helps to make him one of North America’s favorite producers. Aiming to get NAHM back up and running this year, what better party to make his debut in NYC at than the Candyball? Come show your love for one of the founders and pillars of the North American Hardcore Movement, DJ Milo!!!!!!!!!!

Crackerjack B2B Dupont (CA/CT) *** East Coast VS West Coast Battle ***
(k-12 studios, BeatDropMusic, kcrh 89.9 fm)(Floorburnerz, Ravers Only, BeatDropMusic)
Two of the United States hottest young producers are at it again. After two battles out west, both of which tore the house down, Crackerjack B2B Dupont III was not even a question, it simply had to happen. The only real questions were when and where. Well folks, I am happy to answer both of those questions; Friday October 31st, on the East coast for the first time at the Candyball! If these two bring it like they have in the past, Joey Riot and DJ Kurt are going to have their work cut out for them!

For years now DJ Crackerjack, a rising young producer in his own right, has been destroying crowds up and down the West coast, even as far north as Alaska. A regular fixture in the West coast rave scene, Crackerjack has a following like none other. Known for his high energy, seamless mixing, and epic track selection, crowd after crowd, he never ceases to amaze. Flying out of San Fran, making his first East coast, NYC, and Candyball appearances, Crackerjack is coming to show you why he thinks he is up 2/0!

Dupont on the other hand, who has been producing his own tracks for more than 5 years now, has been tearing up the New England area for just as long. With appearances up and down the West coast, Dupont is considered one of the East coasts hottest HHC DJs. Recently getting a taste of the West coast, and giving them a little taste of NYC, Dupont was asked back on the spot, and these two bad boys of Hardcore went at it for the 2nd time. Making his 5th Candyball appearance, Dupont asked for this tag so he can show you why he thinks he is up 2/0!

Tranzit B2B Sqeak (CA/Canada) *** International battle to start the night right ***
(Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only, deejay-mixes.com)(BeatDropMusic, AMS Entertainment, Ravers Only)
In the true theme of going big, we are starting the party off with an International battle that will gear you up like no other. Paired up are two of the most fun loving and ridiculous hardcore DJs in North America. With Sqeak providing the fast paced bouncy styles and Tranzit injecting the anthemy, stabby, synthy, 'ardcore style, from the Future Perfect Synergy Camp up in Canada, this is sure to be a memorable set. Considering this will be Sqeaks’ cherry popping performance at the Candyball, and his first NYC appearence, you know he will be coming strong. Add Candyball crowd favorite Tranzit, who has been a staple in ripping up the Candyball crowd since the very first party, and this is one opening set that deserves a primetime slot! Get in line early and be ready to bounce, as we will do our best to insure rapid entry for this hallmark set!


Now been back in England, Kombustion has joined forces with Rick Chubbs (Audio Generator promoter) and together they have already thrown their first successful event, Hardcore @ the View in Frodsham, held this past 4th of July. For those of you who remember, at one time, Ravers Only used to broadcast a weekly show out of my old basement. We ran a couple hours a night followed by a couple of hours of talking between the guys. It was a lot of fun and lasted a few months before work took back control of our lives. If you were listening back then, you heard DJ Kombustion rocking out the beats from my basement way back then. Tonight however, Ravers Only proudly brings Kombustion to NYC and the Candyball for his first CB, but definitely not his last, appearance!

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