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Area 1:

Hixxy (UK)
(Raver Baby)
Hixxy is from Portsmouth, UK and his DJ roots can be found with an obsession for US Hip Hop and Rap and watching DMX Championship Videos. In the early 90's, when Rave culture was sweeping the UK, Hixxy got caught up in the tide. He met up with Ramos, Supreme and Sunset Regime and started playing out across the South Coast of the UK. In 1992, he met DJ Dougal at Dreamscape and a legendary partnership was born. Soon they created their own label, Essential Platinum.

Hixxy's big production break came in 1995 when he released, with the then MC Sharkey, Toytown, a massive hit that can still be heard at raves even today. The tune was released by React Records and Hixxy had made a name for himself. In 1996, Hixxy released his first album and the massive Bonkers series was born. The third installment went silver and is the biggest selling Hardcore series ever.

By 1999, the Hardcore scene was dying and Hixxy was becoming disillusioned with the tracks being released and felt the scene had finally had it. After a lot of soul searching, Hixxy felt he couldn't abandon a scene he had put so much energy, time, and money into. A decision he is now glad he made, as by 2001 Hardcore was growing in strength, with lots of new Raves, tunes, and labels being born, including his new label, Raver Baby. Hixxy has also worked under the monikers OMG and, with Sunset Regime, released many tracks under "Antisocial".

Marc Smith (UK)
(Notorious Vinyl, Ravers Only, H.T.I.D)
Only a few other artists in the UK hardcore scene can boast the pedigree, experience, and talents of the Scottish rave legend Marc Smith. Still blowing back the rave boundaries today, Marc's journey through turntable culture can be tracked right back to 1985 when the ultra charismatic Glaswegian began chopping up early hip hop in his bedroom, before teaming up with local rappers, beat-boxers and break-dancers. While so many others follow the obvious fads and fashions, Marc Smith has made a Notorious name for himself by stamping out his own unique, party friendly sound, without surrendering to the more mainstream oriented side of the Hardcore scene.

Fast paced, and accompanied by the Scotsman's party loving energy and infectious charisma, Smith's own DJ sets with his flawless mixing and amazing deck abilities, coupled with his awesome stage presence, continue to help him stand out as one of the most explosive, energetic, diverse, and open-minded DJs in today's scene! Over twenty years at the top of his game and still as Notorious as ever, Marc Smith is a true rave legend and entertainer like no other!!!

With production releases, on his own "Notorious Vinyl" label, that secured major CD licenses and became solid favorites in the boxes of Gammer, Brisk, Kevin Energy and Sharkey, there is no doubt that Marc is, aside from one of the best DJs in the scene today, one of the top producers in the Happy Hardcore scene as well. And things are not slowing down for Marc, as proved earlier this year by his release of the 'Building Shaker', a co-production between Marc and last year's DJ of the year, Gammer.

skylab2000 *LIVE* (CA)
(Brainforest Productions)
After growing up in New York and London, skylab2000 is now residing in the Los Angeles area. Playing live shows has taken him around the world: Russia, Japan, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Montreal, Puerto Rico, Vancouver, Minerva, Mexico and more! Back home in America, skylab2000 has played in almost every state - hundreds of live shows in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, Miami, Memphis, Las Vegas, Anchorage, Seattle and so many more.

Time Out says "skylab2000 is a rave legend."

Urb calls skylab2000 live performances "incredible" and "fantastic."

DJs such as Dave Dresden [Gabriel & Dresden] call the Rollergirl single "the bomb of all bombs."

In the UK, the BBC's Pete Tong chose the Auburn single as an "Essential Selection."

The twist - skylab2000 is not a DJ or a 'laptop' band. This is a fully LIVE electronic music performance. With a full set of synths, samplers, mixers, and effects units, a skylab2000 show is truly a unique experience. Since 1994, when Dennis aka skylab2000 started making hard hitting dance music, he has been traveling from city to city, country to country, to play it for the best audiences in the world. Skylab2000 tracks also appear on many compilation CDs, on iTunes, Beatport, and on top selling mix CDs by Taylor, Keoki, John Kelly, Grover, Psycho-Bitch, Sol Brothers and Thomas Michael, and on great labels such as Moonshine, Metronix, Koch, Journeys by DJ, Phatt Phunk, 3am Records, Brainiak, City of Angels, Genesis Project, and many more. If that wasn't enough, movies, television shows and major video game soundtracks also have the skylab2000 touch. Microsoft's "Amped" and Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution Supernova" have skylab2000 tracks in the games.

KenFinch.ca (Toronto, Canada)
(Blackmoon, ChillsDjs.com, Good Vibes - a.k.a. Viper)
It was damn near 20 years ago that Ken bought his first set of turntables. Getting his start in Hip Hop, it was not until 1992 that the rave scene actually hit Toronto. However, when it did, Ken found it and made a new path in his music selection while spinning Hardcore Techno under the pseudonym Viper. In 1993, Ken launched the five hour radio program 'RUSH' on CHRY 105.5 FM in Toronto, using separate names to differentiate the genres; Viper provided the Hardcore whilst KenFinch.ca supplied the House and Techno sounds.

By 1997, Ken was spinning all over the United States, Canada, and was already accepting bookings overseas in the UK. Just one year later, Ken was performing weekly with residencies for companies that include Good Vibes, U4EA, Nightmare, System Soundbar, Drop Zone, The Electronic City, Audio Werks, and Eye-Q. In 2001, when Ken partnered up with Lady Bass, they became the most in demand Hard Dance DJ team in North America and Ken became the host and resident DJ of 'Most Wanted Sessions' on the Global Groove Network, 100.7 FM for North America's most prestigious DJ booking agency Most Wanted Entertainment.

I could go on and on about Ken and all he has done for the scene, but I am not going to. I am going to say this however, since warming up the stage for him recently in Rochester, I have been dying to get him on one of my lineups. Moreover, while we will be battling it out Happy Hardcore style at the next Candyball, Viper b2B Smoke, tonight I welcome you to a solo set by Ken that is sure to warp your mind and make you question reality!

Delirium b2b How Hard b2b Bizzo (NJ/NY)
(Traxtorm ~ Italy, M.O.H ~ Holland, Industrial Strength & Hard Kryptic Records ~ NYC)(Ravers Only, Hardmind, Hard Kryptic Records NY)(Ravers Only, FUA)
As a producer, over the last 16 years Delirium has proven himself time and time again, releasing top quality productions one after another. Some of Delirium's tracks have been featured on the world's most legendary Hardcore compilations, including Thunderdome and Resident E! With over 70 slamming releases to his name, Delirium has worked alongside the most recognized names in the Hardcore scene. We are talking ID&T, Industrial Strength, Masters of Hardcore, and MegaRave just to name a few.

As a DJ, Deliriums ability to work the turntables is matched only by his ability to control the dance floor. Recognized worldwide for his seamless mixes, legendary scratching, and unsurpassed stage presence, Delirium has made countless appearances at some of the world's largest events. Whether spinning in front of an intimate crowd of 500 or destroying a dance floor filled with 30,000+ ravers, Delirium takes you on a musical journey like none other! With performances in Holland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, England, Hungary, and everywhere in between, Delirium remains one of the most sought after Hardcore DJs in the scene today.

Celebrating over six years as a Ravers Only DJ, How Hard, aka The Pied Piper of Hardcore, continues rocking dance floors throughout North America. Mixing Hardcore, Hard Techno, Industrial, and Drum & Bass, Howard may be known best for his mind-blowing sets that are always filled with ground shaking mixes. Performances all over the United States and Canada have made How Hard one of North Americas premier Hardcore DJs and there is no sign of him stopping now. As an original artist, as well as co-founder, of the highly respected New York City DJ crew Hardmind, an internationally recognized top-selling record label Hard Kryptic Records, How Hard continues to branch out and conquer the music industry.

Coming out of retirement for this very special occasion, look the fuck out world, Bizzo is back!


Odi (NY)
Hip Hop Helmsman Wearing a brown wool sweater and a pair of glasses, Carlos Castillo or DJ Odi as he is known to the world, does not look like the type to have a group of beautiful women fawning over him. And yet, there are several that I have to get through to talk to him. People murmur "respect" as we walk outside. Their admiration is not underserved. Odi is in great part responsible for the entire style of jungle music in NYC. "I can't think of anything that makes me happier," he says. "Every show makes me better." Jungle or drum & bass is one of the evolutions of the 90s electronica wave, characterized by an emphasis on fast-paced breakbeat and prominent bassline. It was then, back in its formative years that Bronx-born, Harlem-raised Odi entered the scene and gave it his kind of direction. "I grew up around 125th street , the home of hip hop. So it was natural to be an aggressive DJ, putting in the hip hop elements. It's what I know."

His break came around after high school, when running promotions for the famous NASA rave parties at club Shelter grew into a steady DJing slot. From there, Odi and some childhood friends who shared a lifestyle, culture and musical interest began pumping out electronic records with their own signature twist. "Jungle didn't happen as a music until 96. Back then it was all just called breaks or techno was the common term," Odi recalls. "Anything went back then. My friends and I got real lucky, being in the right place at the right time." Fans would argue that it was not only the position but the skills that propelled Odi and his DJ crew, Digital Konfusion, into the underground limelight. Their way of mixing jungle beats with Hip Hop has grown into its own genre. "Jump up" has been the defining style of NYC and the east coast in general since 97, when the crew formed their own eponymous record label and began spinning at NYC's most dedicated weekly jungle show: Konkrete Jungle. Odi rapidly became a fixture, while continuing to travel the country, one of the first few to enjoy such popularity.

Eventually Odi caught the ears of Malik Shabazz, the international spokesman for the respected Hip Hop society Zulu Nation. Shortly, he initiated Odi in 03, making the Harlem native the first junglist to enter the organization. "I really respected the work that they did," says Odi. "And I try not to talk or brag about it, but it's a very big honor." Odi and his record label remained prolific in the recent year, DJing constantly while putting out a mix CD and producing for multiple other artists. His clothing line, Methods NYC is putting out a line of urban fashion inspired by the Jungle subculture. The next step for Odi is his upcoming artist's album and taking his music online for digital distribution. But most of all, he would just like to continue playing, unconstrained by genre. "They have names for all the different styles, but I like it better when it was just music," says Odi, smiling. "When it comes down to it, no one really knows the difference."

Words by Igor Kossov.

Sykopath b2b Dali (NJ)
(Outer Limits, Groove Therapy Management)(Ravers Only, Groove Therapy Management)
Fresh off their recent dance floor destruction at Saturday Morning Cartoons: The Movie, Sykopath and Dali are two names that most, if not all, old skool ravers already know. Alongside the legendary Gonzo, Sykopath and Dali account for two thirds of Groove Therapy's "Hard, Dark, and Nasty tour" which is currently making its way up and down the East Coast. Heading out across the rest of the United States this spring/summer, the "Hard, Dark, and Nasty tour" will mark the first time these three longtime friends have toured together.

Sykopath, known for the famous "Relief" parties that originated back in 2000, has been a driving force in the New Jersey party scene for almost a decade now. Making a major come back in 2005, Timmy aka Sykopath used the legendary New Jersey hot spot "Tequila Joes" to revive the "Relief" parties. Since his return, Sykopath has joined the Groove Therapy roster and, once again, quickly become one of the most sought after DJs on the East Coast.

Dali, on the other hand, is the man behind Groove Therapy. As well, Dali is also the man behind the annual free New York City massive "Collaborate", which is now in its fourth year. From its humble beginnings in New Brunswick, NJ, Groove Therapy has quickly transformed into one of the biggest promotional companies in the tri-state area over the last few years. Beyond that, Groove Therapy recently became Groove Therapy Management, which is now handling the bookings for some of the biggest EDM talent from over the world.

Both Sykopath and Dali have headlined countless gigs around the country, sharing the decks with some of the biggest headliners around the globe. When these two step to the decks, expect nothing short of a heart attack on the dance floor. Pounding bass lines, intense acid build ups, and some of the sickest scratching known to man is what these two are all about. However, you never know what they are going throw at you as both of them are so versatile with their track selections and have really mastered the art of storytelling. With over 20 years of combined experience behind the decks and in the scene, there is no stopping these two animals once they enter the booth!

John Bas (Brooklyn)
(Electronic Chaos, Beatport.com)
Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, this former Graffiti Artist turned DJ has been an influential part of the underground music scene since 1994. John is considered one of Brooklyn's originators for the harder styles of dance for several reasons. On top of DJing and producing, Bas is also the founder of Electronic-Chaos. Throwing countless underground hard dance events in the mid to late 90's, John helped create the foundation for the scene we know and love today. After cementing his name in history with Electronic-Chaos as one of Brooklyn's best rave promoters, and an honorable mention by HUGE magazine in 1998, John turned his attention to, and concentrated on, spinning.

Beginning his career as a Hardcore DJ, he has rocked the decks and shared the stage alongside such legends as Lenny Dee, Delirium, and Rob Gee. However, after a trip to Holland nine years ago, John discovered a new sound of music, that would later be named Hardstyle, and immediately fell in love. John knew instantly that he wanted to deliver this new sound to the masses here in America, and while he is extremely humble, John is considered by many to be one of the best, and one of the first, DJs to play Hardstyle here in the United States.

A veteran of 15 years, known for rocking dance floors as if it is going out of style, John has proven himself repeatedly over the years. Holding residencies at some of New York City's top nightclubs back in the day, like Avalon, Limelight and Tunnel, there is no question that John Bas is one of New York City's premier underground DJs! John is also one of the first Hardstyle artists on Beatport to release his tracks for download. Tracks like "Feel It", "Take Me To The Top", "Locked Inside Your Mind", and "Kick In The Bass". With production hits like that to his credit and his superb track selection, it's no wonder why Bas is one of Brooklyn's favorites.

For those of you who cannot wait for John to hit the stage, I have a bit of good news for you. John is back yet again with a new mixed CD release entitled "Hardstyle Is My Style". Even better, you can download it free at www.johnbas.com. In addition, Bas promises to bring it hard, fast, and on point, when he steps to the decks for the Ravers Only 10 year anniversary party. So get ready to tear the walls down and dance your ass off to the Hardstyle beats of John Bas!!!

Jam'elle (PA)
(Ravers Only)
Making her party debut in 1999 at Swirl 5, thrown by 514 Productions in Montreal Canada, it feels like a lifetime ago that Jenn, or Crazy Jenn as her closest friends know her as, fell in love with EDM. Party after party, up and down the East Coast, including Canada, Jenn made the rave scene rounds and fell deeper and deeper in love with the music. It was not until 2003 however, that Jenn made the decision to buy her own gear so she could make her own music.

Using her initials, combined with the French word for she (elle), Jenn creatively came up with her stage name, Jam'elle, and dreamed about the days she would be performing live at raves. Making her own beats for the last six years now, Jenn has come a long way. Working with Reason for years, and more recently learning Ableton live, Jenn has been making her own brand of music, that she likes to call "Experimental Groove", and has a style all her own.

Debuting her music and skills at one of the Philadelphia Laptop Battle Competitions put on by Seclusiasis in 2006, Jam'elle was instantly addicted to performing live! While she did not actually make it out of the first round of the competition, she heard from new fan after new fan, all night long, as they told her how much they loved her music and performance. Furthermore, since her debut, Jam'elle has brought the house down at each one of her public performances. Influenced in part by Bogdan Racynzski and John Digweed, Jam'elle plans to bring something a little different to New York City and hopes you will enjoy her approach to electronic music.


Area 2:

Liquid Sugar (NY)
(Ravers Only, Knuckle Up Ent, SmooveGroove)
Sugar, as she encourages all to refer to her by, was born during the summer of "69" and is an original Caffeine Kid. At first she was a break-dancer and grew up in the music scene with stars in her eyes. Looking up to the up and coming DJ's of the time, such as Jam Master Jay, Jelly Bean Benitez, Frankie Knuckles and too many others to name them all, Sugar knew she was destined to be a DJ. With a crate of records she borrowed from her sisters and her cousins, Sugar got two old turntables, her first mixer, and started playing backyard parties in 1987.

Then, in 1991, in a bar in Deer Park, NY, her life changed forever. A real history lesson here, 1991 is when a club named Voodoo opened their doors for their first night of Caffeine. That was the night of Sugars rebirth and in fact, the birth of Techno and Electronica here in New York City. Feeling the need to travel, being the patriotic person that she is (God Bless America), and at War with Iraq (the first one), Sugar joined the United States Navy.

Sugar never lost sight of the music however, or her love for it either. Spinning at local bars and enlisted parties on her Military Base, her love for the music grew daily. Keeping it real when she was not on duty, Sugar was lucky enough to travel around this great country and hit all kinds of underground parties. After being honorably discharged from the Navy, it was back to NY and back to work for Sugar. Whether she is writing her own tracks, spinning at her favorite bar, or just rockin' the block party, wherever there is music . . . . . . there is Sugar.

Tranzit (Toronto, Canada)
(Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only, deejay-mixes.com)
Since his very first feeding, Paul, aka DJ Tranzit, has been addicted to boobs! Small boobs, big boobs, even medium sized boobs, Paul loves them all! Paul loves boobs so much that I am 100% certain the only thing he loves as much as boobs is music. Moreover, while his love for boobs is stronger than even the pull of the tides, unbelievably, I think Paul loves music more than boobs. Whether he admits it to me or not, I honestly believe that to be true!

Paul's love for music is evident in every set he plays. His wide track selection is undeniable proof of that fact. Whether we are talking about his infamous studio recording "Milfcore" or any of his Candyball appearances, Tranzit never plays it safe while picking his next track. His desire to cross the line and trample your audio senses is what makes him so special behind the decks. Well, that or the short yellow tour bus that he takes to get to his gigs, one of them makes him special, and that is a fact Jack!

As the owner of one of the most downloaded sets in the Ravers Only Live Sets section of our website, second only to Hixxy of course, there is no doubt how much people enjoy Paul's style and mixes. Therefore, whether you hit the room during his set looking to dance your ass off or you just stop by during his set to show him your boobs, I invite you to enjoy DJ Tranzit work his magic and the mixer while dreaming of his SECOND great love, BOOBS!

Dupont (CT)
(Floorburnerz, Ravers Only, Beat Drop Music, Mad Panic Records)
After five straight battles over the past two years, during all of his Candyball appearances, Dupont is finally stepping to the decks at a Ravers Only party alone with no one to battle. That is right folks, the only thing Dupont will be focused on is making you dance your asses off while he mixes his off. I am sure all of you who have seen Dupont spin already know, he can certainly mix with the best of them.

Over the past ten years, Dupont has been honing his deck skillz with gigs all over the country. At the same time, Anthony has been producing his own music, while back at home, for the last 5 years. From New York City to California, Canada to Miami, Dupont has made a name for himself tearing the roof off and bringing down the house at every party he has played. Smooth mixes, precise cutting, and just the right amount of love, have all been blended to perfection by one of the East Coast's favorite Happy Hardcore DJs/producer.

After years of producing and spinning his own tracks at parties, Dupont recently signed to Mad Panic Records. With a slew of tracks co-produced with Mike Bounce, set for release in the near future, it is obvious that Dupont has a bright future in front of him. Combine that with all the experience already behind him and it is plain to see that Dupont is a name you will be hearing for a long time to come!

Daddy Green Jeans (MA)
(Supreme Sounds, tokinhatsandclothing.com)
A triple threat; throwing parties, spinning, and providing sound for crews all over New England and New York, Daddy Green Jeans has played a major role in the Upper East Coast rave scene for the last five or six years. Sadly, with family and responsibilities taking a bigger chunk of his time, Green Jeans decided to hang up the gloves. Well not completely, he still spins and he is still providing sound for crews up and down the East Coast, most likely at a party you went to recently.

Representing a vast style of Drum & Bass, his dedication has already earned him well over 100 appearances in the Northeast rave scene. Performing alongside some of EDM's biggest names, Daddy Green Jeans has assaulted dance floor after dance floor, making people dance with his high-energy sets. Perfecting his technique and style along the way only helped cement Daddy Green Jeans as a must see DJ in the East Coast rave scene.

After an exhausting booking schedule however, Mr. Green Jeans decided to change pace and make his appearances far more exclusive. Only playing the best events the Northeast has to offer, we are proud to have him here for our 10 year anniversary. With furious cuts, quick mixes, and an energy behind the decks that is unmatched, it will take everything you have to keep up on the dance floor! Tonight you will see why Green Jeans is your Daddy too!

Joel Tweeks (PA)
(Unstoppable Ent.)
Making his rave scene debut in 1997, like most of us in the scene, Joel was hooked from the moment he walked through the doors of that party. After a year or so of partying, in and around New York City, Joel finally got a small taste of DJ'ing in late 1998 early 1999. Instantly falling in love matching and mixing beats, Joel, like most other DJs I know, has been dropping records ever since that very first taste.

After his basic training, Joel made his first public performance in 2000 and has not looked back since. In fact, it was not very long after that first gig that Joel started performing up and down the East Coast. Thanks to his undeniable deck skillz, Joel quickly gained the respect and recognition of local East Coast promoters and soon after, he could be found spinning at almost every party worth attending.

Here we are a full decade after that very first taste, and yet Joel has stayed true to the Techno sound he fell in love with so long ago. With a unique mixing style all his own, Joel is known for his extreme cuts, his unparalleled arsenal of beats, and his ability to work the mixer and tweek the sounds beyond most limits known to man! From Hard Techno to Acid Techno, to everything in between, when Joel Tweeks is behind the decks there is only one thing I am sure of; expect the unexpected!

Sneaker & The Dryer Ver. 3.0 (MA)
(Badbwoy Bass Records, Shoe Skool Productions, Tight Crew)
Sneaker & The Dryer, aka DJ Btz and DJ Red Echo, burst onto the scene back in 2005. With a combined 16 years of experience behind the decks and a shared love of breaks, they destroyed dance floor after dance floor everywhere they went! Along the way, Sneaker & The Dryer acquired two more members to the S&D crew. A. Balls, a breaks producer, and Dl, a well-known breaks DJ in New England with a serious knack for scratching.

Doing a weekly two-hour radio show on the world's biggest breaks station, Nu Skool Breaks Radio (NSB Radio), the S&D name quickly spread as a force to be reckoned with here and abroad. In mid 2007 two of the members, Red Echo and A. Balls decided to make a move down south and the two remaining members of Sneaker & The Dryer, DJs Btz and Dl, continued on as Sneaker & The Dryer Ver. 2.0. However, in late 2008, Btz and Dl decided that after a good run under the S&D name, it was time to go their separate ways.

Right around the same time, Btz started working with an up and coming DJ from the New England scene, TJFX. The chemistry between them, behind the decks, was immediate and electric. The obvious next step was to join forces as Sneaker & The Dryer Ver. 3.0. With break beat dexterity, an endless track vault, and a unique setup, the two put on a 4 table, 2 mixer set like you've never seen before and that always packs the floor! Keep your eyes and ears open for Sneaker & The Dryer Ver. 3.0 as they work their way to a city near you, dropping the hottest, funkiest, break beat bombs!

Flyin Brian (NY)
(DreamHard, WTNRradio.com)
Thrilling dance floors with his high energy track selection and crowd lifting stage presence, Flyin Brian has been rocking the decks for over 7 years now. Although he got his start out in the Upstate NY rave Scene, Brian decided to move to New York City a few years ago. With no sight of anything Happy Hardcore in the city at the time, Brian was not that optimistic. As luck would have it though, shortly after he moved here we started the Candyball series.

After hearing about the upcoming Candyball parties, contacting me, and coming out to my house for an audition, I agreed to put Brian on the very first CB lineup. Moreover, as a part of New York City history, Flyin Brian was the first DJ to spin a set at New York City's first Happy Hardcore party, Candyball: Now Is The Time. His second Candyball appearance came almost fifteen months later when he filled in for Venom last year at Candyball: We The Ravers.

Host of the weekly internet radio show, Hardcore Vibes, which is now in its third successful season on WTNRradio.com, Flyin Brian is giving fans all around the world a chance to hear the music he loves! Known for his ferociously driven mixes that blend UK Hardcore and Freeform Hardcore, Brian guarantees to keep you stomping until the last beat drops!

Freak (MA)
(Department of Disorder, Scorched Promotions)
If you don't know who Freak is and you are from the East Coast rave scene, then you are not as old school as you think. If you are not from the east coast rave scene, then you are probably going Freak who? Half way back in the day there was a crew called Traumatic Productions. Well folks, they put together some of the best Connecticut parties at the former Muni back in '03 / '04. Moreover, the freak they call Freak was one of the men behind Traumatic Productions and some legendary parties.

After taking a couple years off, Freak has come back strong while switching up the genres along the way. Having played Hardcore in 07 and Breakcore in 08, he recently returned to his roots, Drum & Bass. Thanks to some recent performances, Freak has been picked up by two rising crews, Scorched Promotions out of Connecticut and Worcester's only DnB crew, Department Of Disorder.

Having rocked dance floors from New York City to Maine, including opening the main stage of the infamous Springfield raver haven, the Asylum, Freak has been there and done that. In fact, Freak was privileged enough to play the Drum & Bass room at the Asylum, not once but twice! With a track selection of new and old, he knows how to work a crowd and keep them moving. Making his return to New York for the first time since 2004, Freak is bringing the banging Bass lines and the ill Drum & Bass beats!

Amtrak (MA)
(Ravers Only)
I have known Arnold aka Amtrak for many years and I have to say, if he has not improved from the last time I heard him spin at his house, I know why he took the name Amtrak. I mean choooooo chooooo like a mofo, na mean? Do You Know What I Mean = na mean? Na mean? Seriously though, some of his mixes should be on that fuckin World's Worst Accidents show that is always on TV. I am not joking yo, stop laughing and hear me out. I have honestly heard better mixes out of DJ Ghetto, and we all know how much he sucks!

I only book him because I feel bad for him. He has no friends, aside from me of course, and he is always calling me and shit. Like wanting to talk blah blah blah, as if I fuckin care? Dude, you love DnB. Dude, you spin every day. Dude, I get it, you have been listening to DnB, and spinning DnB, since we used to hang out back in the day at the Asylum. I get it, you spin for the love of the music. NOBODY cares bro! Man, if I were not trying to figure out a way to steal his TV, I would probably stop taking his calls all together.

Oh shit, I just realized Pete has a much better TV than Arnold does. I don't even need his TV anymore, fuck what was I thinking. Oh damn, you know what I should do? I should take him off the lineup and not tell him, and then when he shows up to spin, some other DJ will be spinning and he will be all sad and cry and shit. LMAO That would be sooo funny I swear. OK, I am going to do that, NOBODY tell Amtrak he is not spinning, let it be a surprise!

A$hley (NJ)
(RI-DnB, N.E.U.D.)
A relatively young up and comer, Ashley did not get started behind the decks until 2005. However, quickly making a name for herself with performances in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and recently New Jersey, she is known for putting everything she has into every set. Getting her start spinning Drum & Bass/Jungle, over the years Ashley has come to appreciate many other genres of electronic dance music. With her third party production popping off in Brooklyn before our party, Ashley is passionate about more than just our music, she is also passionate about our scene. We at Ravers Only are happy to have her on this special lineup to make sure this party gets started in the right direction!

Area 3:

Tika (PA)
(kooterkore.com, goodvibesent., B.A.D.Ass.)
Tika has been bringing dance floors to their knees all over North America for more than ten years now. From New York City to California, and everywhere in between, Tika has covered all four corners of the US. However, she did not stop there. Tika has in fact graced many Canadian stages as well. With quick mixing, sharp cuts, live mashups, and the now infamous 'wayback playbacks', Tika always keeps the crowd bouncing, stomping, singing, and begging for more.

Over the course of her illustrious career, her unique style has garnered bookings alongside North American greats such as AC Slater, Reese, No Left Turn, Sunrize, Frisky and Hujib, and many, many more. Making two appearances at the legendary Hullabaloo parties in Toronto and 1 (so far) appearance in New York City at one of our own Candyballs, Tika has cemented her name in the North American Happy Hardcore Scene.

On the international side of things, Tika has been featured on lineups with and opened for names like Hixxy, Brisk, The Panacea, Luna-C, Scott Brown, Neophyte and scores of others. She has played at the World Electronic Music Festival (WEMF), many of the Goodfellaz parties, and has consistently stepped up her game every step of the way. Making her second appearance at a Ravers Only party, please welcome Tika into New York City, one more time, as she comes ready to tear the roof off once again!

GeorgeWSR (Toronto, Canada)
(Nocturnal Commissions, Bitchass Productions, Team Liquorface)
As one of the co-founders of Nocturnal Commissions, George knows all too well how much love, time, energy, and work goes into putting together parties like this. In fact, for almost five years now, alongside Nocturnal Commissions co-founder Timmy aka Dynamic, George has been producing some of Toronto's favorite raves, while keeping the Toronto Happy Hardcore scene alive, since the glory days of Hullabaloo.

On the other hand, as a DJ, George has been gaining recognition all over North America. Whether you are talking about Canada or the United States, it really makes no difference. George is gaining fans left and right thanks to his highly energetic sets filled with his fun loving enthusiasm behind the decks. With a variety of styles ranging from Hardcore to Drum & Bass to Breaks, George makes his first European tour this month.

No stranger to New York City either, you may remember George from his performances at the first and second Candyball parties we threw. Just like at both of those parties, thanks to his tremendous ability to drink mass quantities of Jack Daniels and Jagermeister, you will probably find George hanging out somewhere near the bar after his set. However, unlike at both of those parties, George will not be spinning Happy Hardcore this time around. For this party I have asked George to put together a special Drum & Bass set for the for the New York crew!

Integrity (NY)
(Hardmind Productions)
In the year 2000, after becoming witness to a rapid decay of safety at events around the New York City area, Integrity came very close to retirement from rave culture. After some serious soul searching however, Brian aka Integrity, found that he could not help but be drawn back to the music and the idea that rave culture had not reached its full potential just yet. Ultimately, he concluded that it was his responsibility to be accountable for the forward movement of both his life and the rave culture in New York as whole.

By late 2000, Brian started purchasing vinyl and becoming proficient in beat matching. In 2002, after some time of practice and promotion of his first mixed CDs, Integrity drew the attention of Hardmind Productions. They were a like-minded group of individuals that shared a similar "do it yourself" attitude and passion for the advancement of rave culture. A short time later, Integrity teamed up with DPIM Recordings, who also shared a similar conviction for helping the rave culture reach its full potential.

Today, Integrity remains an active participant in all areas of rave culture including; DJing, original music production, event production and consultation, dance, and general advocacy. Future projects include continued production of original music, mixed CDs, local event production, national and international tours, and consultation and motivation for others (in and outside of rave culture) to continue pursuit of their individual goals and true happiness.

Candy Kid b2b Starkiss (NY/PA)
(Ravers Only, Vitus)(Spirits of Change, Pulsar)
Slava, aka DJ Candy Kid, has been tearing up the East Coast since 2001. Starting with Trance, Slava began spinning UK Hardcore soon after. With his unique style and adrenaline packed sets of HappyCore, Gabber, DnB, Acid & Euro-Trance, his love of music fueled his desire to play out at parties. Slava was selected to play at both WEMF 2003, where he spun an explosive two hour set, and WEMF 2004. His ability to pack a room and make people go crazy until the last record drops is an indescribable experience.

Another relative new comer getting a late start, it was not until 2005 that Joey, aka Starkiss, met DJ Candy Kid and fell in love with Happy Hardcore. After diving head first into the rave scene, for almost a full year, Joey bought his first set of turntables. With the assistance and guidance of Candy Kid, Joey patiently learned the art of DJ'ing. After a year of dedication and hardcore practicing, Mickey, from Tru Skool, gave Joey his first big break. Spinning out for the first time, at God's Basement in Philadelphia, Starkiss blew everyone away. Since that day, he has been rocking faces in different places all over the East Coast.

Holidaze (PA)
(DC Skillz, b166er unit films, Ravers Only)
Another old skool RO head, Holidaze has been rocking crowds for almost a decade now. Quick cuts, smooth mixes, and the ability to read the dance floor, all combine to make up the Holidaze experience. With performances all over the United States, including some of the East Coast's most famous parties like Starscape, Holidaze is known for making people dance until the last beat drops.

A driving force in the old days of the DC rave scene, Brad aka Holidaze was, and still is, in integral part of DC Skillz. Known for their old skool massive's Thriller and Project-Mayhem, DC Skillz has been around just as long as Ravers Only. Putting their productions on hold for a while however, Holidaze has spent the last few years racking up the bookings. With countless performances to speak of, Holidaze would rather talk about his plans to blow your mind with another amazing Holidaze experience!

Spaz (NY)
(Ravers Only, Dreamy Productions)
Starting out spinning house parties and on a college radio station, Spaz has been spreading his sound since 2001. An up and coming Schranz DJ, he did not get his big break until 2007. Performing at Paradise City 2, in Albany NY, for Dreamy Productions, Spaz brought the house down. Since then he has played at numerous venues in the Northeast, including Club Exit last year at Ravers In The Caribbean.

With his mind numbing mixing and disorienting track selection, Spaz's sets range from Minimal to Hard to Industrial and are always chalked full of crazy percussions. Squeezing in some studio time lately, Spaz has been producing some sick tracks which should be finished later this year, and are sure to have you moving your feet like never have before. If you have never heard robots gang rape a garbage disposal, you need to check this DJ out.

Woog (NY)
(Ravers Only, Neverworld Music)
As a member of the A Team back in the 80's, Woog was low man on the totem pole. Always asked to fetch coffee or pick up BA's laundry, after a few years Woog finally got fed up and decided to go his own way. Taking on smaller jobs to build his reputation, Woog was responsible for single handedly saving hundreds of lives over the next few weeks. Before long, Woog was answering hundreds of emails a day. People all over the world were in need of his services.

By the early 90's the A Team had faded away. BA died of a milk overdose. Hannible Smith got ran over by a bus. The face man was killed by his sister after accidentally sleeping with her. And Murdock, well Murdock was killed by Woog when he tried to steal Woog's biscuit at lunch one day. But shh, that is some inside info right there. We are talking top secret hush hush info baby. With the A Team out of the way, Woog was living his dream and saving lives.

One night while on a mission however, Woog followed a suspect through a packed NYC nightclub. Stopped in his tracks by the sound pumping out of the speakers, Woog was hypnotized by the beats. After standing in the same spot for five hours, the music stopped and Woog snapped out of his trance. Woog went home, got some sleep, woke up, bought turntables, has been spinning ever since. And last but not least, he is just one more old skool Ravers Only mofo who is bringing his records, bringing his attitude, and bringing his desire to make you shake yo thing!

Tommy D (NY)
(Groove Therapy, Audiofase Recordings)
Over the past five years, Tommy has carved out a name for himself as one of the brightest young talents in the crowded NYC scene. With appearances at Rebel and Spirit, just to name a few, Tommy is a resident at the legendary Avalon nightclub. His sets are comprised of an eclectic mix of the soulful elements of house, the most hypnotic components of techno and mind bending electro that will get your ass on the floor. A local favorite for sure, make your plans to get there early as Tommy D is coming prepared to kick this jam off proper!!

Carlos Castano (NJ)
(truth-sessions.com, Tiny Management)[/b][/size]
At only twenty-two years old, Carlos Castano is another up and comer quickly becoming a household name on the East Coast. After only five years behind the decks, Carlos has already signed with Truth-Sessions and Tiny Management, both known for their top quality DJs. Furthermore, with performances at Pacha and Webster Hall (two clubs that most DJs never get a chance to play) already to his list of credits, Carlos is ready to rock the house for our 10th anniversary!

TeddyGlow (NY)
(No Drama Stateside, Hard Axis, HardStylerz USA)
Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, Teddy Glow has been attached to his decks ever since the young age of 12. His love for Hardstyle is so strong, the man cannot bare to live without it. In a relatively short period of time, the 15 year old Teddy Glow was DJing at all the local Astoria night clubs. Lately, Teddy has been performing at NYC, Philly, and Baltimore parties. His goal is to tour the country and introduce his sound to a wider and wilder audience, not only as a DJ, but also a producer. Teddy Glow plays straight from the heart and that heart screams, "Long Live Hardstyle!"

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