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The Rally Masters:

MC Jumper (Ravers Only, Hullabaloo, Ruffneck Playaz Crew)
MC High IQ (Ravers Only, Headcase, Pitched Up)
MC Casper (Next Generation Records, Blatant Beats, Ravers Only)

Special Guest Rally Master:

MC Gazy J (UK) *** 1st US appearance ***
(Hardcore Undergroud, Hardcore Underground Digital)
Gaz, aka MC Gazy J, has MC'ed for all the top names in the industry today, including DJ Sy, Hixxy, Scott Brown, Vibes, Breeze & Styles, Brisk, Seduction, Recon, Gammer, Dougal, Robbie Long, Force, Marc Smith, Sharkey, Kevin Energy, Altern 8, + many more. Having co-produced, and been featured on, over 30 released tracks, it is his stage performances that have received him two Nominations (2005 & 2009) for the Breakthrough MC of the Year award at the Hardcore Heaven awards, as well as winning the Uproar search for an MC competition back in 2004. Currently Gazy J holds residences at Universal Hardcore in Telford, Spunky in Hereford, Cruze-in in Birmingham, B2T In Birmingham, Vibealite in Preston, Ravers Reunited in Coalville, Totally Lost It in Manchester, and last but not least, Energized & Zion in Shrewsbury. Furthermore, Gaz is the man behind the amazing Universal Hardcore parties, thrown all around central England, and hosts regular radio shows on Kraftyradio.com & midlandsrush.co.uk. With such a long list of credentials, we at Ravers Only are proud to bring this hard working master of the mic across the pond for his first US appearance!

Area 1: All Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore all night

Impact (UK/LA) *** 2nd Candyball Appearance ***
(Infexious Audio)
Since making his DJ Debut back in 1996, Impact has gone on to DJ at every major event in the UK including world-renowned events such as: HTID, Hardcore Heaven, Future Dance, Dreamscape, & Vibealite amongst others. With his high-energy DJ style, world tours have taken Impact to countries such as: Japan, USA, Thailand, Germany, and Australia on a number of different occasions. Recently moving to the US, California more specifically, Impact is world renowned for his music production as the owner of Infexious Audio. In fact, his production career has spanned over 200 releases on various different labels. This includes many tracks, and remixes, featured on successful compilation albums like Bonkers, Clubland, Ministry of Sound, and Hardcore Nation. Impact has truly cemented himself as one of the most prolific artists within the Hardcore scene, and we at Ravers Only are proud to bring him back to the Candyball for his 2nd appearance.

Sc@r (UK)*** 1st US Appearance ***
(Raw Elements, Executive Records, Lethal Theory Raw)
Female Hardcore DJ Sc@

r, aka Kaylene Armstrong, is recognized today as one of the UK's finest rising artists. Australian-born, Sc@r burst onto the scene in 2006, working alongside Steve Uplift on the well-respected hardcore label, Raw Elements. Many of Sc@r's productions can be heard on the underground hardcore label Raw Elements and Executive Records, both of which draw influences in from classic old skool sounds, to big euphoric trance riffs, mixing strong piano riffs, vocals, breakbeats, and everything in between. Since earning her first vinyl release in 2007 with Lift Off and Dreamtime on Raw Elements, it wasn't long before her name was featured on album compilations including the internationally respected Bonkers, 100 Hardcore Anthems, the Hardcore Underground series, and soon to be released in the upcoming months: Hardcore Addiction and Crush on Hardcore. Furthermore, her tracks are regularly aired on national Radio One. Sc@r's DJing career has already taken off as well, making her one of the few female hardcore DJ's to have performed all around the world, including Australia, Canada, Belgium, Spain, and for the first time in history at CB 7, right here in America!


Clodhopper (UK) *** 1st US Appearance ***
(Fusion, Electrik Euphoria Records, RSR Recordings)
While holding down a residency at Fusion, Clodhopper has been traveling all over the UK to showcase her talents. From Hardcore Heaven (Slammin Vinyl), to HTID, to Uproar, to HTID in the Sun, and Raverssential, Clodhopper has played at almost all of the biggest events held overseas. On her journey of discovery, filled with hard work and dedication, Clodhopper has quickly become one of the fastest rising female DJ's, and producers, in the UK Hardcore scene. Signed to Electrik Euphoria Records and RSR Recordings, with soon to be released tracks coming out on both labels, there is no telling how far this rising young star is going to go. Famed overseas for her work on three decks at any one given time, Clo's passion for UK Hardcore, and the mixing and producing thereof, is just part of the reason we at Ravers Only are proud to welcome Clodhopper to the US, and the Candyball, for the first time!

Hyperbeatz *** 1st US Appearance ***
AKA Jonny El B2B Fastraxx w/ MC Dizzyvibe
(Hyperbeatz Records, Jel Records, Distinctive Vinyl)
Jonny El and Fastraxx have been punishing dance floors for years. As producers, this twisted tag team of trouble have releases on several labels, including Hyperbeatz Records, Jel Records, and Distinctive Vinyl, just to name a few. With some of their releases making it onto albums like Pure Hardcore, Hardcore Underground, and The World's Greatest Hardcore, there is a good chance you have already heard some of their work. As DJs, who prefer to spin Upfront UK Hardcore, Jonny El and Fastraxx, alongside MC Dizzyvibe, have a style, energy, and passion that is simply undeniable. Whether performing for a small, intimate crowd or a massive arena, every time this trio steps behind the decks they bring the house down. With Jonny El and Fastraxx tearing up the decks, and MC Dizzy Vibe rocking the mic, Ravers Only is proud to bring another first time US appearance to the Candyball!

Viper B2B Smoke (Toronto/NJ) *** Special Morning Glory Tag Set ***
(djViper.com, Good Vibes, Chills, Hard as Nailz, Blackmoon)(Ravers Only)
When the rave scene first hit Toronto back in 1992, Ken, who was instantaneously attracted to the new sound of Hardcore Techno, made a new path in life and dove in head first. Spinning under the pseudonym Viper, on his five-hour radio program 'RUSH' on CHRY 105.5 FM in Toronto, Ken is credited with being the first DJ to spin Happy Hardcore over North American radio airwaves. In 1994, Ken introduced Toronto to world-class gatherings while providing the best international and local DJ talent. With crowds reaching over 4,000 in attendance, Viper was fast becoming much more than just a DJ. After countless performances all around the globe, 8 years later Viper finally made the leap and started producing his own tracks in 2000. From DJ'ing, to throwing parties, to producing, Viper truly is one of the founders of the North American Happy Hardcore scene. As North America's longest playing HHC DJ, Viper is making his first Candyball appearance and it is my honor to close the show with him in this very special morning glory tag set!

Milo (NY) *** 2nd Candyball Appearance ***
(NAHM, HappyHardcore.com, Webbwerx)
Fresh off his performance at HTID in the sun, the 3rd annual week long HTID massive held in Spain, Milo is back on home turf and ready to rock. With production releases on Infinity Records, and forthcoming releases on Warped Science, Executive Records, and Relentless, Milo truly is one of North America's top producers. Playing for crowds from coast to coast, including Canada, for almost an entire decade now, Milo is one of the biggest keystones in today's stateside Hardcore scene. Pushing the new sound of Hardcore to the masses, whether in the studio, behind the scenes running NAHM, or up on the decks, no one can deny the passion and style Milo brings to the table. No stranger to the North America rave circuit, this performance will mark Milo's 2nd trip to New York City to spin for us here at Ravers Only and the Candyball massive!

Pinky & The Brain *** 2nd Candyball Appearance ***
AKA Dupont B2B Soundstream
(Ravers Only, Floorburnerz, Connect Beats, Beat Drop Music, Mad Panic Records)
Dupont and Soundstream first crossed paths during the time of the Elements Crews weekly in New London, CT. Shortly after their chance encounter, the two became friends and it wasn't long after that they performed their first B2B set. After a blazing performance it was obvious they worked well together and the two came up with their new tag moniker, Pinky & The Brain. The driving force behind the Floorburnerz, for the last 7 years Dupont and Soundstream have spent countless hours perfecting their styles and rocking dance floor after dance floor. From Maine to Maryland, Baltimore to Boston, Philly to New York City, Pinky & The Brain has quickly become one of the East Coast's most popular tag team duos. Known for their high-energy UK hardcore style, Pinky & The Brain returns as an obvious addition to this massive Candyball lineup!

Starkiss (PA) *** 1st Candyball Appearance ***
(Good Vibes, Spirits of Change, Shakedown Street)
It was 2005 before Joey, aka Starkiss, got his first taste of Happy Hardcore music. Attending an all age's rave in Philadelphia, Starkiss met, one of his now favorite DJs, Candy Kid. Shortly after that meeting, Joey started buying records and eventually bought his first set of turntables. Under the tutelage of DJ Candy Kid, Starkiss spent the next two years learning the art of DJing. Finally catching a break when Mickey, from Tru Skool Productions, gave him his first booking, Joey made his first public appearance in 2007. Without looking back, Starkiss has spent the last two years polishing his mixing while entertaining crowd after crowd, up and down the East Coast, with his unmatched track selection and seamless mixing. Making his first Candyball appearance, Starkiss is coming to show you why he has quickly become one of Philly's favorite Happy Hardcore DJs!


Area 2: All Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore all night

Uplift (UK) *** 1st NYC Appearance ***
(Raw Elements)
Learning how to mix on a pair of old belt-drive decks, it was 1993 when Uplift first started buying records and perfecting his craft. During the Autumn of 2000, Uplift decided it was time to start pushing his name as a producer, as well as a DJ, and so he ventured into the studio and got to work. With Hardcore vinyl in short supply around that time, Uplift decided to start his own record label, Raw Elements, and has been producing smash hits ever since. A resident at Raindance, for the past 9 years straight, Uplift has played for the likes of HTID, Slammin' Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven, Uproar, United Dance, Hardcore Evolution plus countless others in every corner of the UK. Furthermore, with successful tours to Australia, Canada, U.S., and Europe, Uplift has become one of the most well respected DJ/Prodcuers in the UK Hardcore scene today. Making history with his first New York City appearance, Uplift is coming to share the Raw Elements sound with the Candyball massive!

Darren Hotchkiss (UK) *** 1st US Appearance ***
(Notorious Vinyl, HTID)
Darren Hotchkiss, a young up & coming DJ/Producer from Glasgow, is what some call a prodigy. The son of a DJ, you all should know of his father The Doctor, Darren was introduced to music, and started spinning of course, at a very young age. After years of honing his skillz and perfecting his craft behind closed doors, in May of 2007 Darren stepped behind the decks and took his first public stage at the tender age of 16. Since then young Hotchkiss has been accepting bookings all over Scotland at some of their biggest events, including Coloursfest, Fantazia, Fantasylands, HTID and BTTF. After only a few years of producing, in 2008 Darren seemed to hit his stride and his improvements since then have not gone unnoticed. Signed to the massive Notorious Vinyl label, and currently collaborating on tracks with Marc Smith himself, Darren is well on his way to becoming one of UK Hardcores brightest stars.

Tranzit (Toronto) *** Candyball Resident ***
(Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only, deejay-mixes.com)
Toronto's anthem king is back baby, and this time he is taking no prisoners. Finding his love for Happy Hardcore back in 1998, Tranzit downloaded a fresh mix by DJ Frisky, over a dial-up connection, and like a lot of us, he was hooked immediately. It was not very long before Tranzit had records, turntables, and was making his own mix tapes. A year or two after his 16th birthday, Tranzit’s mix tapes, and hype, began to spread throughout Toronto. His quick mixing, combined with his amazing taste in tracks, gave him a unique style all his own and Tranzit quickly moved up the ranks in Toronto. Playing all across Canada and the United States, Tranzit has spent the better part of the last decade mesmerizing crowds and promoters alike. Known for incorporating the ever so popular Eurodance from the 90's into the Hardcore biznezz, you never really know what you will get when Tranzit steps to the decks!

PKat (CT) *** 3rd Candyball Appearance ***
(Plurtrain, Floorburnerz)
The hard-driven pulse delivered from a pounding kick drum and solid bass line fuels PKat's fervor for music. Over the past 10 years, PKat has built a name for himself one gig at a time performing all across the United States. From New York City to California, New England to Miami, including two previous Candyball appearances, PKat has established himself as an enthusiastic Kat with a knack for laying it down proper. His fierce and independent style immerses listeners in waves of hard sound, and throws dance floors into a frantic frenzy. But after years of throwing down the sickest mixes of ecclectic choons to packed crowd after packed crowd, in 2004 PKat opened the gates toward production and re-emerged as a Producer/DJ. Perpetually evolving his signature sound his fame has grown exponentially. Now five years later, PKat continues to rock the decks, challenging audiences preconceived notions of "what is hardcore", exposing them to the most authentic sounds he can find/create and surpassing expectations with each new performance.

Holidaze (MD) *** Candyball Resident ***
(Skillz A.D., The B166er Unit Films, Ravers Only, Sour Apple Recordings)
Matching great music to a great vibe, Holidaze does deliver. Expect a nonstop onslaught of sick, nasty, Bass n' Drums with elite, epic vocals from the future and beyond. While venturing into other mediums, Holidaze continues to remain a staple in the scene by ways of performance and production. Having played for nearly a decade at some of the most renowned EDM events the East Coast has to offer, it is safe to say that Holidaze knows how to make the room go boom. Currently spending most of his time working on his upcoming label "Sour Apple", Holidaze plans on unleashing vicious new remixes, which have yet to played for the dance floors of New York City, for the Candyball massive. As a Ravers Only sponsored DJ, Holidaze has been one of the East Coast's favorite Happy Hardcore DJs for
years, and now that he is producing as well, you can best bet you will be seeing his name for many years to come!

Genki (VA) *** Candyball Resident ***
(Ravers Only, Enigma, Hardcore Regime, Dance 4 Life NYC)
Just 3 months after turning 18, Genki scored his first residency in Virginia's largest nightclub, The Abyss. While at The Abyss, Genki played to thousands of people every Friday and Saturday night, quickly making a name for himself in the club circuit. Despite the club's normal format of top 40, Genki was determined to bring the UK Hardcore sound to the masses. In an area previously devoid of anything resembling Hardcore, Genki played at various clubs and underground events across the country. After leaving The Abyss in 2003, Genki went on to score residencies at Klub Ambush, Avanti, Skips, and Mixers, DJ'ing regularly for the last 6 years. Holding weekly shows on the UK station "Hardcore Regime" and on Japan's "Club Vanqul Radio", Genki still breaks away from time to time in order to play all around the US. A Ravers Only sponsored DJ for almost a decade now, Genki is returning to NYC to take you on a musical journey unlike any other!

Flyin Brian (NYC) *** 3rd Candyball Appearance ***
(DreamHardProductions.com, WTNRradio.com)
This DJ, Promoter, and aspiring producer, has been rocking the decks for over 8 years, including his opening set at the very first Candyball! Thrilling dance floors with his high-energy track selection and crowd lifting stage presence, Brian never disappoints. With his ferociously driving mix of Freeform Hardcore, UK Hardcore, and Drum n Bass, this is one DJ that guarantees to keep you stomping until the last beat drops! Hosting a monthly internet radio show, Hardcore Vibes, which is now in its fourth successful season on WTNRradio.com, you can hear Brian on the last Saturday of every month from 10pm to 6am. With their first party, Dream Hard, held on March 14th 2009, turning out to be a complete success, keep your eyes and ears open for some totally kick ass events in the New York City area from Flyin Brian and the entire DreamHard Productions crew!

Axiom (NJ) *** 1st Candyball Appearance ***
(NAHM, Happyhardcore.com, Global Hardcore Alliance)
Ben first fell in love with Happy Hardcore after hearing Fallen Angel and 24/7. From that moment on, he lived off copies of Bonkers 10 & 11, as well as Hardcore Heaven 2. After years of listening to his favorite genre of music however, Ben decided it was time to start spinning and DJ Axiom was born. Now one of the most talented, energetic, up and coming Hardcore DJ's that North America has to offer, this 17 year old loves to feed off the energy of the crowd and is always ready to spit some serious Hardcore right at your face! With the North American Hardcore Movement as his home, this young star is on the rise. Come early, as we are popping another cherry tonight, while making history one more time, as Axiom takes the stage for his first public appearance behind the decks!


Area 3: Mixed Genres all night

J-Red (NY) *** Electro & Breaks ***
(JFN Radio, Modulated Ent.)
J-Red, aka The DJ J-Red, hailing from Rochester, NY, stepped behind the turntables for the first time in 1997 when he was just 14 years old. Just two short years later, at only 16 years old, in 1999 J-Red headlined his first gig alongside Terrence Parker and Johnny Fiasco in Toronto. Going hard and strong ever since, J-Red is well known for spinning the hottest in Breaks & Electro. Combining his sharp cuts with seamless mixing, while mixing in some smooth scratching, J-Red knows how to rock the dance floor like no other! Having headlined Big Bud 2002, with hip-hop's MC Cannibus, and having been part of Syrous in Toronto, J-Red has built his name through hard work and dedication to the scene. Now running a weekly online show, JFN Radio on TheDJJred.com, every Tuesday night from 8-10pm (EST), with live video chat, J-Red continues to dedicate all his free hours to the music he loves. At 26, this talented DJ has nowhere to go but up and is ready to show the Candyball massive why they call him The DJ J-Red!

Kemikalz (NJ/NY) *** Drum & Bass ***
(GBA, Groove Therapy)
As a member of the A Team back in the 80’s, Kemikalz was low man on the totem pole. Always asked to fetch coffee or pick up BA’s laundry, after a few years Kemikalz finally got fed up and decided to go his own way. Taking on smaller jobs to build his reputation, Kemikalz was responsible for single handedly saving hundreds of lives over the next few weeks. Before long, Kemikalz was answering hundreds of emails a day. People all over the world were in need of his services. One night while on a mission however, Kemikalz followed a suspect through a packed NYC nightclub. Stopped in his tracks by the Drum & Bass pumping out of the speakers, Kemikalz was hypnotized by the beats. After standing in the same spot for five hours, the music stopped and Kemikalz knew what he had to do. He went home, went to sleep, woke up, bought turntables, and has been spinning records and destroying dance floors ever since!

Gyver (FL) *** Peak Hour House & Breaks ***
(NewRaveOrder.Com, DarkSide of The Moon Prod.)
DJ Gyver, who is currently residing in the Florida Keys, is no stranger to the Northeast rave circuit. Performing in such pivotal venues as Webster Hall, the Asylum, and the Municipal Café, Gyver is ready to bring his explosive arsenal of intelligent and exciting Breaks & House to New York City once again. Although Gyver is only 25 years young, he has been behind the decks since 1995, perfecting his live mixing and remixing ever step of the way. Playing parties like Blackout, New Years Resolution, the Asylum Reunion, and Unify have helped establish Gyver’s career as a DJ. The owner of NewRaveOrder.com, and formerly one of the elite of the Ravers Only DJs, you better believe that DJ Gyver will bring nothing less than audio perfection to Candyball 7 when he makes his long awaited return!

Daddy Green Jeans (MA) *** Drum & Bass ***
(Supreme Sounds, tokinhatsandclothing.com)
Daddy Green Jeans started his DJ career in 2001 and was quickly noticed by the Drum & Bass community. His unique track selection, programming, cuts, and intensity caught the eyes of many promoters and he soon became a regular on the East Coast. His unparalleled interaction with the crowd, and the energy he uses from them, is what keeps his fan base always coming back for more. However, a rigorous appearance schedule over the past five years has forced Daddy Green Jeans to limit his shows to only the finest of EDM events. Currently working behind the scenes, Daddy Green Jeans is head of Supreme Sound and SMCAgency.com, a talent agency representing some of the finest talent across the globe. Tonight however, Daddy Green Jeans is stepping behind the decks again to show you why he is still one of the top Drum & Bass DJ's on the East Coast.

Soappy (RI) *** Nu Skool Breaks ***
(Tight Crew, Op. Breakbeat, Shoe Skool, Bad Bwoy Bass Recordings)
Soappy, who has only been spinning records for 2 years now, has quickly built a name for himself in that short period of time. With his innovative mixing style and superior track selection, Soappy seems to have a natural sense for what it takes to keep the dance floor moving. Playing all types of Breaks, from Tear Out to Funky, Nu Skool to Ragga, Psy to Electro, Soappy is quickly becoming one of New England's favorite Breaks DJs. Recently teaming up with fellow Breaks DJ, DJ FiG, the two have aligned to form the new tag team duo "Big n' Dope". As the Co-founder of "Tight Crew" Productions, Soappy has also been making a name for himself with his parties, which are drawing attention from all over the East Coast. With performances all over New England, from CT to ME, Ravers Only is proud to bring Soappy to the Candyball for his first New York City performance!

Drei (CT) *** Hard Style ***
(HardStylerz U.S.A.)
As the founder of HardStylerz U.S.A., Drei has been making some serious noise in 2009. Dedicated to the Hard Dance scene, Drei is on a mission to make a difference in the scene he loves. Passionate to bring back that old school vibe he fell in love with back in the 90's, Drei is throwing parties that he feels will do just that, bring the vibe back! While Drei may be a new face to some, he is a longtime veteran on the decks with over 14 years of experience. All you Hardstyle fans are in for a real treat when Drei, aka "The Digital Pimp", steps to the decks. With his track selection containing high-energy beats, combined with flawless mixing and cutting skills, Drei brings the house down with every set. Another first-time Candyball appearance you don't want to miss, Drei is going to give you just a taste of the great things to come from the HardStylerz U.S.A. crew.

Apollo Christian (NY) *** Hard Style ***
The young girls love him and guys want to be him! Apollo Christian has been in and around the EDM scene literally his entire life. He received his first set of tables at the age 12 and spun his first party at the age of 13. He was taken under the wing of electronic music extraordinaire Dose The Alien. As a friend and mentor, Dose taught Apollo almost everything he knows. Getting his start spinning techno and trance, as the years went by Apollo grew to love the energy of harder styles. Meeting one of his personal idols when he was only 11 years old, DJ Venom actually gave Apollo his very first piece of vinyl. Now 6 years later at 17, Apollo has played all over New York and the North East. Bringing his Hard Style to New York City for his 2nd Candyball appearance, Apollo plans to blow your minds and rock your bodies until you can't rock no more!!

Unpredictable (NY) *** Electro House ***
(Synergy Industries, Kind Recordings)
Unpredictable, who has been DJing for over 8 years, is quickly making a name for himself here on the East Coast. Spinning various genres of electronic dance music, mostly Techno, House, Electro, and Breakbeat, Unpredictable is just that, unpredictable. With his wide range in taste and his uncanny ability to combine those flavors together, like they were made to go together, Unpredictable's sets are always a welcomed break from the norm. After seeing him spin at several East Coast parties over the last year, there was no doubt I had to have him out for one of our parties. A member of the East Coast rave scene for over 5 years now, Ravers Only is proud to have this up and coming East Coast favorite on the lineup for a night he will never forget!

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